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The Green Fantasy Noble Leather Headband is an essential adornment for those who lead by the heart of chivalry and valor in their fantasy pursuits. This headband is exquisitely crafted with meticulous detail, bridging the gap between rugged adventure and regal beauty. Designed for the masters of fantasy role-playing and LARPers, the green leather band evokes the verdant and bustling heart of medieval forests, where the stories of heroic knights and mystical beings come to life.

With lacing and holes at the back, this headband caters to different head sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for hours of drama and delight. The circular brass accents at the fore symbolize eternal unity, a perfect tribute to characters heading gallantly into their epic quests. Outlined with graceful concave curves, its design adds to the charm of the characters attire.

Wherever your imagination takes you, the Fantasy Noble Leather Headband is a beacon of your character, blending seamlessly with a variety of costumes and settings. It is the trusted companion for lords and ladies, oracles and sorcerers, and all who dare to dream outside the boundaries of reality. Embrace your role, elevate your style, and seize the warp and weft of fantasy with the Green Fantasy Noble Leather Headband.

Note: Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, each piece may contain slight variations, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Design: The Green Fantasy Noble Leather Headband features a design that complements a variety of fantasy characters, from noble knights to mystical sorcerers.
  • Adjustable Fit: With lacing and holes at the back, our headband ensures a comfortable and secure fit for different head sizes.
  • High-Quality Construction: Skillfully crafted from green leather, our headband offers durability for long-lasting use.
  • Symbolic Accents: The circular brass accents at the fore of the headband symbolize eternal unity, adding depth to your characters story.
  • Enhances Role-Play: This headband is a beacon of your characters identity, adding a layer of realism to your role-play.
  • Ideal for LARPing: Whether you are a master of fantasy role-playing games or a LARP enthusiast, our headband enhances your overall look and experience.


  • Made from leather

Care Instructions:

  • Remove dirt with a hard brush, then gently clean with leather soap and a soft, damp cloth. Remove soap with a separate damp cloth, then use a dry cloth to wipe away remaining water. Let dry naturally. Condition with oil or polish, then wipe with a final cloth to remove excess residue.
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