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Epic Effect Mastix Spirit Gum is the perfect complement to our prosthetics, whether they are latex appliances that go on the face, hands, or anywhere else. Spirit gum is also great for applying hair elements securely onto the skin. Our Mastix spirit gum comes in a small container with a brush for easy application, whether you are just dabbing a little onto your skin for a small prosthetic, or need more for a facial appliance or body scar. Spirit gum provides long-lasting adhesion that will keep most latex prosthetics and applications firmly in place. It is relatively water-resistant, although over-exposure will start to erode the adhesion of spirit gum with time. The preferred and easiest method of removing appliances secured with Mastix spirit gum is to use our Epic Effect Mastix Spirit Gum Remover (MCI-2274), which quickly dissolves the bond and removes all traces of Mastix spirit gum from your skin and from the appliance. A little spirit gum goes a long way, and that is why this small bottle of Epic Effect Mastix Spirit Gum is a bargain buy. This 20mL bottle will allow you to put on even our largest applications while leaving you with some left over to use on subsequent additions.

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Key Features:

  • An Absolute Must-have When Wearing Latex Prosthetics
  • Securely Bonds Prosthetics to the Skin
  • Perfect for Virtually Any of Our Offered Latex Appliances
  • Easily Removed with our Epic Effect Mastix Spirit Gum Remover


  • Comes in a 12 ml bottle
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