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The revenge you enacted on the neighboring tribe of wood elves fills your dark heart with pride. Celebrate this momentous event with the Elven Ear Trophy Necklace. Show it off while entertaining your fellow orcs with a grand tale. Realistic features appear on this latex costume accessory. Fair skin and a pointed tip mark it as an appendage of an elf. The blood and ragged cuts that trail the bottom edge serve as proof of a fresh kill. The goriness bespeaks a quick, yet brutal, death. Whether this appendage belongs to a high elf of a well-to-do kingdom or a wood elf from an enchanted forest, you alone may discern. A leather cord makes it easy to attach the Elven Ear Trophy Necklace to a belt or wear around your neck.

Key Features:

  • Depicts the bloody ear of a fair skinned elf
  • Features realistic hand-painted detail
  • Includes a leather cord for easy carry
  • A great character prop for high fantasy warriors
  • Perfect for horror LARPs and gritty, dark battle settings


  • Crafted from natural latex
  • Stuffed with cotton
  • Cording fashioned from leather
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