Duncan Brass Hilt Scottish Claymore


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Prepare to wield a magnificent piece of Scottish history with the Duncan Brass Hilt Scottish Claymore! This breathtaking sword is a stunning replica of the legendary two-handed sword wielded by fierce Highland warriors centuries ago.

Add a Legend to Your Collection

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Duncan Brass Hilt Scottish Claymore features a mighty carbon steel blade that slices through the air with authority. The gleaming brass hilt is a work of art. Its quillons angle gracefully towards the blade, each culminating in an intricate quatrefoil design. A portion of the guard extends elegantly onto the base of the blade, creating a seamless and striking visual effect.

Grip this awe-inspiring claymore with confidence, thanks to the sumptuous black leather wrap adorning the two-handed grip. This luxurious addition not only enhances the sword’s aesthetic allure but also provides a comfortable and secure hold. Thus, you can wield this formidable weapon with ease for costume and cosplay use. A decorative sword, it makes a beautiful display piece in your weapons collection.

Then, the crowning glory of the Duncan Brass Hilt Scottish Claymore is the matching brass pommel. The gleaming brass thus helps the scent-stopper shaped masterpiece exude both strength and refinement. This pommel serves as a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to historical accuracy that defines this remarkable sword.

Whether you’re a passionate collector, a historical reenactor, or simply captivated by the rich heritage of Scotland and its iconic weaponry, the Duncan Brass Hilt Scottish Claymore is an essential addition to your armory. This sword is more than just a weapon. It’s a symbol of the indomitable spirit of the Scottish Highlanders.

This tangible piece of history that will transport you to the misty glens and rugged mountains of Scotland with every swing. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a true masterpiece of medieval craftsmanship. Bring the legend of the Scottish Claymore to life and experience the thrill of wielding a sword that embodies centuries of valor, honor, and unbreakable spirit.

Key Features:

  • Decorative sword perfect for costume use and display
  • Authentic replica of the legendary Scottish Claymore
  • Powerful carbon steel blade for impressive cutting capability
  • Exquisite brass hilt with intricate quillons and quatrefoil design
  • Elegant guard extension onto the blade for visual impact
  • Comfortable black leather wrap on the two-handed grip
  • Striking brass scent-stopper pommel for added grandeur


  • Made of carbon steel with brass hilt and leather wrap on grip.
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