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Beneath the tallest mountain lies a forge where the greatest Dwarven LARP swords are made. Craft your own custom Dwarf sword using the DIY LARP Dwarf Handle – Painted as a hilt and save some time during the painting process! Made from a durable polyurethane foam cast, this single-handed LARP sword hilt displays the angular style commonly associated with Dwarven weapons. Pre-painted to resemble metal and wood, this handle features a brass colored, diamond-shaped pommel. The handle has been painted to resemble wood grain, while the guard resembles brass and iron in a unique chevron style. Its durable construction is completely safe to use in LARPing events and has been approved by the top LARPing organizations. It also requires virtually no maintenance and will last longer than regular foam latex handles. Bring your Dwarven character to life on the battlefield when you wield a weapon using this incredible hilt!

Key Features:

  • Durable and safe to use in combat
  • Requires no maintenance
  • An ideal starting point for Dwarven LARP swords
  • Perfect for DIY LARPers


  • Made from polyurethane foam
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