Crusader Infantry Tabard


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Bring the valor and courage of the past into the present with the Crusader Infantry Tabard, a loyal companion for any knight or reenactor.

Bear the Mark of the Crusade

Hand crafted from high-quality canvas cotton, this crusader tabard is built to withstand the rigors of any battle reenactment or extensive fair.

Firstly, its durable cotton material ensures resilience and is a staple addition to your costume collection. Additionally, enjoy unrestricted movement thanks to the traditional sleeveless design and deliberate slits at the front and back.

Secondly, embellished with a prominent cross in the front, this medieval soldier tabard embodies the essence of chivalry and valor. Furthermore, the eye-catching maroon and white hues not only let your character stand out, it also shows your character’s honor. To clarify, maroon is the main color of this medieval surcoat and the cross detailing is white.

Thirdly, providing coverage down to the legs, this crusader surcoat demonstrates versatility for any medieval attire. Moreover, any medieval-themed outfit, from combat scenes of fantasy role play to sophisticated themed weddings, can suitably include it.

Classic Crusader Resolve

Its unique blend of historical authenticity and useful design sets this crusader costume piece apart. The sleeveless cut and mobility slits add a thoughtful nod to practicality, ensuring you move comfortably and freely whether on the sandy battlefields of the Levant or meandering around a Renaissance fair.

Furthermore, this piece is not just a garment but a timeless relic, enduring through all your battles and celebrations alike. Designed for the modern-day knight, historical collector, reenactor, and LARPer, this medieval knight surcoat enhances any outfit or collection. Whether you’re charging across the battlefield in full armor or attending a fantasy event, simply slip this medieval surcoat over any outfit and transform your ensemble into a true crusader.

Looking for costumes to style with this surcoat? Here are a couple creative examples:

  • Richard the Lionheart: Famous for his valor in the Third Crusade, Richard I of England’s bravery and military skill would match well with this crusader tabard draped over a chainmail hauberk.
  • Templar Knight: This order of holy knights, iconic with white mantles and red crosses, saw the tabard as a symbol of their dedication to protecting Christian pilgrims. Embody that same chivalry by layering this tabard under plate armor.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy and Hand Crafted: This crusader surcoat, made of reliable canvas cotton, endures the rigors of battle and fantasy events by design.
  • Highly Mobile Sleeveless Design: The sleeveless design allows for increased mobility, further increased by slits in the front and back.
  • Iconic Crusader Cross: Emblazoned on the front of this surcoat, the stylish cross stands as a symbol of the crusader’s valor.
  • Versatile For Any Outfit: Whether donned over mail or under plate, this tabard fits to any outfit for any occasion.
  • Adaptable Sizing: Our tabard, available in two sizes, ensures a comfortable and accommodating fit for all warriors.


  • Made of canvas cotton

Care Instructions:

  • Handwashing this item is recommended. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not bleach. Item may be ironed on a low setting.
Max ChestOverall LengthShoulder Width
Large/X-Large41.3 inches44 inches24.4 inches
XX-Large/XXX-Large46 inches46 inches29.9 inches

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