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Unleash the power of the Crusades with the awe-inspiring Crusader Arming Sword. This breathtaking masterpiece transports you to the heart of medieval warfare. Forged by the skilled hands of master craftsmen, this authentic recreation of an early medieval sword is a testament to the unyielding spirit and unbreakable resolve of the Crusaders.

Wield History In Your Hands

This sword uses the Oakeshott XI type as its inspiration. As you grip the sturdy leather-wrapped handle, feel the weight of history in your hands. The tough carbon steel blade has an impressive 3 feet length. It gleams with a powerful presence, ready to cut through the chaos of battle. Then, the fuller, running down three-quarters of the blade’s length, adds both strength and grace to this formidable weapon.

The pure brass hilt, with its straight and narrow crossguard arms, exudes a timeless elegance that belies its deadly purpose. The tapered grip, perfectly balanced for one-handed use, invites you to wield the sword with confidence and precision. Furthermore, its leather wrapping helps provide a comfortable hold.

Next, the iconic Brazil-nut shaped pommel, adorned with a striking red cross, serves as both a counterbalance and a symbol of the unwavering faith that drove the Crusaders to victory.

But the Crusader Arming Sword is more than just a weapon; it is a portal to another time. This medieval longsword is, most importantly, a tangible connection to the valiant knights who risked everything in the name of their cause. When you hold this sword, you can almost hear the thundering hoofbeats of charging steeds, the clashing of steel against steel, and the battle cries of the souls who fought on the field of honor.

For The Battlefield and Beyond

Whether you are a historical enthusiast, a medieval reenactor, or a weapon collector, the Crusader Arming Sword is the ultimate addition to your arsenal. Additionally, with the included genuine leather scabbard, you can safely transport your sword to any event. You’ll be ready to unleash its full potential at a moment’s notice.

Step into the world of the Crusades with the Crusader Arming Sword, and experience the thrill of wielding a piece of living history. Feel the power, the passion, and the unbreakable spirit of the medieval warriors who shaped the course of human destiny. Wield this sword and claim your place among the legends of old.

Key Features:

  • Blade length: A commanding 3 feet with a historically accurate fuller to reduce weight and increase strength
  • Hilt exudes historical style and timeless elegance
  • Firm, comfortable grip for a one-handed wield
  • Red cross pommel detail symbolizes the fervent faith of the Crusaders
  • Includes a genuine leather scabbard for safe storage and transport
  • Ideal for historical enthusiasts, reenactors, and medieval weapon collectors
  • Offers a tangible connection to the valor and traditions of the Crusade-era warriors


  • Made of carbon steel with brass hilt and leather grip. Scabbard is made of leather.
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Includes Scabbard or Sheath


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