Carved Viking Brass Belt Buckle


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Unveil the spirit of bygone eras and embrace the boldness of the Viking age with our meticulously crafted Carved Viking Brass Belt Buckle. A striking statement piece for medieval reenactors, DIY enthusiasts, and cosplayers, this robust brass buckle showcases the magnificence of Nordic design.

Our belt buckle is not just any accessory; it boasts a powerful hinged accent that adds a touch of authenticity and functionality, allowing for easy adjustment and a reliable hold. The centerpiece is the exquisite knotwork pattern etched into the brass, an anthropomorphic design that harkens back to the legends and lore of the Vikings. The interwoven lines and loops are more than mere decoration; they symbolize strength, continuity, and the undying spirit of the warriors of old.

Turn over the buckle, and you will find four sturdy posts, designed to secure the buckle onto the belt and ensure it withstands the rigors of any reenactment battle or convention floor. This piece is not only an homage to craftsmanship but also a nod to practicality in its wear.

The use of brass as the core material ensures that this item is not only visually stunning but durable and resistant to the elements. Its warm, golden sheen will catch the eye of many an admirer, aging gracefully over time to acquire a distinctive patina that tells a story of adventure and conquest.

Whether you are a medieval enthusiast looking to complete your historical attire or a cosplayer seeking that unique element to bring your character to life, our Carved Viking Brass Belt Buckle is a purchase that resonates with heritage while enduring as a functional, everyday heirloom. Transform your garb with a touch of the past and carry the legacy of the Vikings wherever you may roam.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Knotwork: Intricate etching mimics the legendary Viking knotwork.
  • Functional Hinge: The hinged design allows for easy adjustment and a secure fit.
  • Sturdy Posts: Four strong posts ensure the buckle stays secure, no matter the activity.
  • Unique Accessory: Ideal for reenactment enthusiasts, DIY lovers, and cosplayers.
  • Quality Material: Made from durable and weather-resistant brass that ages gracefully.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for adding historical flair to any outfit or costume.


  • Made from brass


  • Length: 3.7 Inches
  • Fits Belts up to 1.8 Inches Wide

Measurements are approximate.

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