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Historically referred to as the sauroter or “lizarder,” this Brass Roman Spear Spike is a stylish and authentic addition to your spear arsenal.

Embody the Spirit of the Empire

Embrace the role of the Roman Legions and Greek Phalanxes with this brass spear head, perfect for history buffs and reenactors.

The spear head’s design is not just about aesthetic, it’s steeped in real history. In addition, known as the sauroter by the Greeks, this spear butt spike was used for striking fallen foes so the hoplite didn’t have to turn the spear upside down. Moreover, stay safe wielding this hoplite spear spike thanks to its dulled tip.

Legion-Approved Craftsmanship

Craftsmen make this butt spike from solid brass, mixing historical authenticity with exquisite style. Furthermore, a wide triangular blade, a hallmark of Roman military engineering, caps this spear end.

Considering these factors, this Roman spear spike has a solid brass build with a triangular blade, about 12.6 inches long. In light of this, the wide open end can support a variety of spear shafts to create the perfect dory.

A Bridge To the Past

This spear piece embodies millennia of history, connecting the wielder to ancient glories. However, if spearing fallen foes isn’t your style, you can also use this hoplite lizarder as home décor. Bring a touch of Greco-Roman culture into your abode by displaying this Greek spear spike in a case, on a weapon rack, or on a nearby shelf.

Key Features:

  • Solid and Sturdy Design: Forged from pure brass, this Roman spear butt spike caters to LARPers and historical enthusiasts.
  • Extended Length: At just over a foot long at 12.9 inches, this spear spike is a striking addition to your arsenal.
  • Customize Your Weapon: Attach this spear end to any length shaft for a perfect spear.
  • Dulled and Triangular Blade: Crafted with a dull tip and triangular blade, embody a Roman legionnaire as you wield this spear spike.


  • Forged from Solid Brass


  • Length: 12.9 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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