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Unleash the power of myths and legends with the Brass Dragon Viking Belt Buckle. This masterfully hand crafted piece of Norse mythology brings the ancient world of the Vikings into the modern era.

Channel Your Inner Viking

Add this brass belt buckle masterpiece to a leather belt and complete your reenactment or LARP costume, striking awe into the mortals of Midgard. Whether you’re looking for a collectible or an accessory for your outfit, the dragon belt buckle is the perfect choice.

Additionally, the center piece of this intricate work is engraved with the legendary defender of the World Tree, Nidhogg, protecting the roots of reality with authority and grace. Moreover, this brass belt buckle measures 5.3 inches in length, making it a stylish piece for your belt.

Likewise, four pins under the buckle add an extra layer of strength ensuring you can attach it to any leather belt around an inch wide. In addition, three loops at the back of this brass buckle allow you to attach your perfect belt. Next, the frame at the end of this Viking belt buckle features a beautifully ornate design giving a nod to elegant Norse mythology styles.

Carry a Piece of Nidhogg Wherever You Go

Engraved on the brass, Nidhogg is depicted in all her glory, a fierce protector, mother of dragons, and a caretaker. By choosing this medieval fantasy belt buckle, imbue your presence with the might of dragons.

In ancient sagas, Nidhogg gnawed at the World Tree’s roots, symbolizing the endless cycle of life, destruction, and rebirth. In conclusion, this belt buckle is a solid brass tribute to Norse mythology, crafted with precision.

Key Features:

  • Solid Brass: Crafted from solid brass, this dragon belt buckle promises durability and timeless beauty.
  • Dragon Engraving: This brass belt features Nidhogg engraved on its face, invoking the power of Norse mythology.
  • Perfect for Most Leather Belts: Attach this buckle to any leather belt about an inch wide for a perfect fit.
  • Unique Design: Designed with loops behind the engraving and pins underneath, this brass dragon belt buckle imbues your outfit with an adaptable style.


  • Made of solid brass


  • Length: 5.3 Inches
  • Fits a 0.5-1 Inch Wide Belt

Measurements are approximate.

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