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Dive into the world of creativity and authenticity with the Set of 100 Black Lamellar Armour Plates. Specially designed for the DIY warrior and history buff, this set of 100 plates is as versatile as it is robust, ready to transform your costume crafting into an artform. Each plate boasts a striking, rectangular form with a longer curved side, mimicking the formidable design of traditional Viking armour.

Crafted from 20-gauge mild steel and finished with a sleek blackened coat, these plates are not only true to the historical aesthetics but also provide reliable durability. With eight reinforced attachment holes, secure your armor with confidence and spend less time worrying about the craftsmanship, and more time enjoying your transformation into a Viking legend.

Whether you are preparing for a LARP battle, perfecting your next cosplaying endeavor, or channeling the spirit of a Viking raider at a historical faire, the Black Lamellar Armour Plates are the essential foundation for your custom armor piece.

The set offers ample plates to create your personalized look that is both authentic and unique, sure to stand out and withstand the test of time – and battle! Get ready to clad yourself in the armor of legends and carve your niche in history with every stride.

Note: Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, each piece may contain slight variations, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Design: The sleek rectangular shape with a curved edge allows for a variety of configurations, fitting a wide range of body types and designs.
  • Durable Materials: Crafted from 20-gauge mild steel, these plates offer hard-wearing protection suitable for dynamic role-playing events.
  • Easy Customization: With eight pre-drilled holes, these plates provide a flexible base for attaching additional decorative elements or for joining with leather or fabric.
  • Historical Authenticity: Ideal for a Viking look or any historical reenactment, these plates allow wearers to achieve a convincing and potent presence.
  • Ample Quantity: A set of 100 plates provides ample coverage for a full armor setup, enabling enthusiasts to construct a complete suit of lamellar armor.
  • Dual Purpose: Perfect for both active participation in LARP events and as part of a static historical display for educational or decorative purposes.


  • Made from 20-gauge mild steel

Care Instructions:

  • This armour will arrive to you covered in protective oil. While this oil can be removed, it must be replaced with another protective maintenance product to protect your steel armour from rusting. Occasional oiling is necessary for the proper maintenance of this armour. When storing this armour, protect it from oxidation by coating it with machine oil.


  • Length: 2.75 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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