Black Hourglass Gauntlets


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Your squire slips the Black Hourglass Gauntlets over your hands, adjusting them to be comfortable and snug. Their effective and striking design allows them to withstand and deflect attacks that make it beyond your swords crossguard. These gauntlets are a set of mild steel gloves designed to protect the wrist, back of the hand and knuckles in combat without compromising maneuverability. Each gauntlet protects the fingers, covering them with thick leather, knuckle plates, and shiny brass rivets. The back of the hand is protected by a rigid, sculpted plate. A short vambrace protects the wrist. The steel is decorated with black colored split-leather and the gauntlet is worn via a leather glove underneath. The finger protection of the glove is sewn onto the leather glove, with a leather strap around the palm to secure the gauntlet onto the hand. Made from mild steel with rolled edges, these Black Hourglass Gauntlets are impressive in appearance and easily paired with other Epic Armoury pieces.

To properly maintain your steel armour, always keep the metal pieces away from water and lightly oiled to prevent rusting. Occasionally clean the armour with metal polish and re-oil them. Leather care products must be used to maintain the leather fittings as well.

Key Features:

  • Offers steel and leather gauntlets with brass details
  • Provides protection to the entire hand
  • Displays rolled edges with no sharp edges
  • Articulated design provides increased dexterity


  • Crafted from 19 gauge mild steel
  • Fittings made from top-grain leather

Care Instructions:

  • Keep away from water.
  • Clean with a metal polish and re-oil occasionally to properly maintain the armour.
  • Use Leather care products for the fittings.


  • Diameter at Narrowest: 3.5 Inches
  • Circumference at Narrowest: 10.5 Inches
  • Glove Size: 9
  • Weight: 2.71 Pounds
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