Birka Lamellar Steel Armour


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Become a Nordic warrior of legend when wearing the Birka Lamellar Steel Armour. Inspired by an archaeological find in present-day Sweden, this historical Viking body armour grants the protection of steel on the battlefield without sacrificing mobility.

Armour Construction:

First, this lamellar chest armour consists of many steel plates tied together using sturdy paracord. Each plate of 20 gauge steel plate is layered over the next, and cords through holes on each secure it all together. This Viking scale armour protects both front and back of the wearer. Different than plate armour, the historical lamellar armour style allowed for flexibility and movement, as the scales moved with the wearer more so than later medieval plate armour styles. Black leather forms the border around the steel lamellar armour. This helps anchor the rows of steel armour scales.

Next, the shoulders are adjustable. Each shoulder has a front and back leather plate with a series of holes on it. Line up the holes how best fits your body and then use the included leather ties to secure the leather shoulder plates in place.

Then, the included lamellar pauldrons go on top of the leather shoulder plates. These are also made up of small, overlapping steel scales. They also feature a leather panel underneath the plates with holes in it to secure to your armour with included leather cord. Use three points of attachment to hold the steel pauldrons in place over your shoulders.

The Viking shoulder plates can be bent to fit your body shape and thus provide better range of movement. As they are completely removable, you can even wear this Viking lamellar cuirass without the shoulder pauldrons, depending on your personal preference or the status of your character.

Historical Inspiration:

This steel lamellar armour is based off a find in Birka, Sweden. This historical trading town was important during the 9th and 10th centuries. While there are not many surviving Viking armour pieces recovered in modern days, we know Vikings, especially those of higher standing, would sometimes wear steel armour to battle. This layered lamellar armour style is particularly iconic to what we know of the Varangian Guard, who were mercenaries for the Byzantine Empire mostly made up of Norsemen.

Become a member of the Varangian guard for your next reenactment, a medieval Slavic warrior, or a member of the Viking horde. This versatile and adjustable steel scale chest armour will undoubtedly upgrade your Nordic costume. It is perfect for Viking reenactments, cosplays, costumes, LARP, and more. Every Norse fighter ought to have this armour piece in their armoury.

Key Features:

  • Steel scale structure is reinforced with leather
  • Removable shoulders have adjustable fit
  • Covers both front and back
  • Ideal armour for Varangian guards, Viking warriors, and more
  • Great for Norse reenactment, cosplay, and LARP


  • Scales are made of 20 gauge mild steel
  • Armour edges reinforced with leather
  • Scales are connected with paracord

Care Instructions:

  • Easily modify or repair this armour with our Set of 50 Type 2 Steel Lamellar Scales (HW-701720-50PCS) and leather laces.
  • This armour will arrive to you covered in protective oil. While this oil can be removed, it must be replaced with another protective maintenance product to protect your steel armour from rusting. Occasional oiling is necessary for the proper maintenance of this armour. When storing this armour, protect it from oxidation by coating it with machine oil.
Overall LengthChest Circumference with Gambeson
Medium18.9 inches43.3 inches
Large18.9 inches47.2 inches
X-Large18.9 inches51.2 inches

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