Pouches & Bags

Perfect for carrying a wide variety of items, our wholesale leather bags and wholesale leather pouches add authenticity to any LARP outfit. At LARP Distribution, we offer many leather belt pouches and suede pouches, as well as leather bottle holders and leather potion bottle pouches. Our leather bags and medieval pouches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they fasten with a mix of buckles, snaps, clasps, or toggles. Our leather potion pouches are great for holding tinctures and magical concoctions that add authenticity to different looks. Many of the glass bottles that come with several of our leather holders and leather bottle harnesses are stoppered with corks to keep their contents secure. Our leather bottle holders and thermos holders are great for keeping beverages securely at your side in fun medieval style. These wholesale leather accessories go well with a range of historical outfits and fantasy ensembles.

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2 Bottle Potion Pouch

Item # MCI-2210
Our potion pouches are a must for any LARP character who is a master of magic. There are two small clear potion bottles that are held securely in a leather pouch. Fill them up with your favorite mixtures of liquid or dust.

3 Bottle Potion Pouch

Item # MCI-2218
Our potion pouches are a must for any LARP character who is a master of magic. There are three small clear potion bottles that are held securely in a leather pouch. Fill them up with your favorite enchanted mixtures.

Adventurer Backpack

Item # MCI-2230
You tend to pick up a lot of neat items when you spend your life on the road. After a certain point, you might need a place to put all of it. With an incredible storage capacity, the Adventurer Backpack is definitely for travelers!

Doran Potion Belt Slide

Item # MY100880
The alchemist, potions master, or mage requires easy access to their elixirs. For quick use in battle or collecting rare ingredients, the Doran Potions Belt Slide is a great choice. It is ideal for a LARP event, or fantasy convention.

Elven Leather Pouch

Item # MCI-2190
While on an epic quest into a distant kingdom, there is no need to leave modern gadgetry behind. Keep those convenient items close, without alerting the residents of the fantasy realm to your foreign origin, with the Elven Leather Pouch.

Imperial Leather Bag

Item # MCI-2241
You are bound to pick up a lot of cool things when you hit the local ren faire, and you are certain to need a few amenities too. Make carrying it all easy by adding this Imperial Leather Bag to your costume, for that extra storage capacity.

Laced Bottle Holder

Item # MCI-3170
After a brutal day on the battlefield, all you want to do is sit down in your camp, share some stories with the other survivors, and enjoy a cool beverage. Reaching for your Laced Bottle Holder, you pull back the cap and drink deeply.

Large Knights Pouch

Item # MCI-2192
This rectangular pouch is great for knights. Being that it is shorter than it is wider, it is ideal for horseback riding. Carry your small necessities with you as you journey from village to village with the Large Knights Pouch.

Merchant Purse

Item # MCI-3367
For successful merchants, a large coin purse is a must-have! Without one, they would break their backs hauling dozens of small purses around, potentially losing one! Make your merchant life easier with the Merchant Purse.

Merchant Suede Bag

Item # MCI-2242
It is hard to say when a leather pouch might come in handy, which is why it is a good choice to always have one! This Merchant Suede Bag is a handsome adornment, as well as a useful way to carry around any number of little items!

Ready For Battle Drawstring Purse

Item # MCI-3096
Stay in period style the next time you head to a Renaissance fair or LARP event with the help of the Ready for Battle Drawstring Purse. This moderately-sized cloth purse works great for holding keys, wallets, and cell phones.

Round Bag

Item # MCI-2226
This simple suede pouch is large enough to hold all your essential modern day items (like keys, money, credit cards, cell phones, etc.) that you need to bring to events and fairs, but would rather hide to keep the period atmosphere.