Compatible with many of our wholesale gorgets, the wholesale steel pauldrons offered by LARP Distribution display styles that mesh well with our other pieces of steel LARP armour. We carry wholesale shoulder armour primarily made from 18 gauge steel, including several with sword breakers crafted into the design. Our steel pauldrons suit medieval knights, fantasy warriors, mercenaries, and other popular LARP characters, many of the pieces displaying polished or darkened metal finishes or texturing to give them a unique look.
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Childs Warrior Pauldrons

What role will your child play while LARPing? Will your son or daughter become a noble knight of the Round Table or an elven swordfighter from the enchanted woods? Regardless, the Childs Warrior Pauldrons guard their shoulders.

Churburg Spaulders

If you want the freedom of movement that comes with being lightly armoured or unarmoured, you will likely want to wear spaulders rather than pauldrons. Spaulders, like the Churburg Spaulders, are light-weight, but they still protect!

Dark Drake Pauldrons

The Dark Drake Pauldrons feature a unique raised pattern. This pair fits just about any character from any period. Each is comprised of a large shoulder plate and four smaller lames that protect the upper arm during LARP combat.

Dark Warrior Pauldrons

Square your shoulders and walk bravely into the unexplored realm of a LARP kingdom with the Dark Warrior Pauldrons. This pair of shoulder guards ensures a strong defense to the upper arms as you complete an extraordinary journey.

Darkened Churburg Spaulders

Join the ranks of a 13th century infantry, or apply your fighting skills while on quest for a LARP kingdom. Regardless of the adventure you choose, the Darkened Churburg Spaulders offers a solid layer of protection to your shoulders.

Gothic Gorget with Pauldrons

Become a symbol of hope to your kingdom, in a traditional suit of armour that hints at the divine. Whether you are a dauntless crusader or a noble knight, the Gothic Gorget with Pauldrons increases both your defense and style.

Large Dark Warrior Pauldrons with Sword Breakers

The addition of sword breakers to this deluxe version of the Warrior Pauldrons not only raises your defense, but also creates an intimidating look. Crafted from 18-gauge galvanized mild steel, the armour resists scratches and rust.

Large Warrior Pauldrons with Sword Breakers

If you enjoy the classic style of the original Warrior Pauldrons, but like the intimidating flair and increased defense that sword breakers provide, then take a closer look at this deluxe version of the Warrior shoulder armour.

Merc Steel Pauldrons

The Merc Steel Pauldrons have a molded shoulder plate and two lower lames that protect the upper arm. These striking pauldrons look great with the matching Merc Cuirass body armour, which is sold separately.

Milanese Pauldrons - Polished Steel

Though they are not the first things you think of when thinking about armour, pauldrons such as the Milanese Pauldrons - Polished Steel play the important role of protecting your arms in a fight. Keep your arms safe and stay alive!

Ready For Battle Neck and Shoulder Armor

Quilted armor padding offers an alternative to those who value comfort and lightness when fighting. The Ready For Battle Neck and Shoulder Armor can be worn alone or used to increase your comfort while wearing a gorget.

Rogue Neck and Shoulder Armour

Life as a rogue can be difficult and dangerous. You fight for money, often against combat trained opponents, and you often need to retain your agility. Only protect your important parts with the Rogue Neck and Shoulder Armour!