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The wholesale LARP trousers offered by LARP Distribution come in a variety of styles to suit different historical periods. We carry excellent wholesale medieval pants in several colors, as well as in the iconic Landsknecht design. Our hakama-style pants make a fine addition to our other pieces of wholesale samurai clothing, and Renaissance breeches can accommodate a wide array of LARP ensembles. As a staple of LARP attire, be sure to consider our fine selection of wholesale LARP pants.
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Azog Loincloth

Item # MCI-3365
Half-Orcs often combine elements of both sides of their heritage in their wardrobe, like furs mixed with steel. The Azog Loincloth will allow you to express your Half-Orc heritage when you combine it with the rest of your outfit!

Basic Medieval Pants

Item # MCI-2357
There are a few basic essentials when it comes to putting together an outfit from any era, be it gothic, medieval, renaissance, or fantasy. Pants tend to be one of them, and these Basic Medieval Pants are virtually universal.

Braies Medieval Trousers

Item # MCI-3006
Your characters look can begin with an accent and finish with a pair of Braies Medieval Trousers. Now you can embrace the style of the Middle Ages in a comfortable and breathable pair of period accurate undergarments.

Childs Proudfoot Pants

Item # MCI-3128
The Renaissance fair is a fun opportunity for all age groups to dress up in period clothing. The Childs Proudfoot Pants make a fantastic part of any young nobles outfit with a trio of buttons that appear on each side of the waist.

Cuffed Medieval Pants

Item # MCI-2361
A good casual pair of pants is a must-have for a reenactors wardrobe, especially if they can go with almost any look. That is what makes these Cuffed Medieval Pants so great - they offer an easy-going look that you can wear with ease!

Ignis Pants

Item # MCI-3471
With their roomy fit and undeniable medieval flair, the Ignis Pants are perfect for your next LARP, reenactment, or costuming adventure. These cotton twill pants have a two-color style and come in both adult and childrens sizes.

Medieval Landsknecht Pants

Item # MCI-2363
The Landsknecht were a colorful mercenary group that became a powerful military force during the late 15th and 16th centuries. This Medieval Landsknecht Pants reflects the overall style that typified this legendary group of warriors.

Medieval Single Hose

Item # MCI-3167
A traditional mens garment, hosen were popular throughout the medieval and Renaissance periods. The Medieval Single Hose allows you to adopt a popular 15th century style of two differently colored hose paired together.

Samurai Pants

Item # MCI-2353
These pants are modeled after the garments that were favored classes of Japan, the samurai and the nobility. As can be expected, the Samurai Pants have a completely different silhouette and look from typical European garments.

Youth Medieval Sam Pants

Item # MCI-3308
Life on a medieval farm is all about functionality and nothing but sturdy, comfortable pants, much like the Youth Medieval Sam Pants, will do. Your children will be putting these durable pants through a lot doing their chores.