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Black Auxiliary LARP Shield

Item # MCI-3546
Legionnaires pick up their shields when getting ready for battle. Join this legendary group and carry a shield like this Black Auxiliary LARP Shield. This shield is wonderful for LARP and roleplaying events as well as conventions.

Isobel Shift

Item # MCI-3545
Ladies looking to reduce the number of garments they put on, should look at a chemise rather than a petticoat. This Isobel Shift is a great option. Wear this chemise with a wide variety of medieval costumes and fantasy ensembles.

Black and Gold LARP Arrow - Round Tip

Item # MCI-3544
The company commander stands with their fellow bowmen waiting for the battle to begin. They fire off one of their round tip Black and Gold LARP Arrow to signal the others. These arrows are great for LARP events or archery practice.

Rogue Leg Protection - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3543
You and your fellows sit in waiting for a weary traveler to come by so you can take their treasures. The Epic Dark Rogue Leg Protection protects you. These greaves are great for a variety of roleplaying events, including LARP battles.

Persian Head Band

Item # MCI-3542
Many ancient West Asian cultures wore turbans for thousands of years. If your character hails from such a rich culture, wear this Persian Head Band. This headband looks great for many different costumes, especially for LARP events.

Persian Helmet - Polished Steel

Item # MCI-3541
The imperial guard stands tall and at the ready for any attack. They are well protected in full armour including this Polished Steel Persian Helmet. You can wear this steel helmet to any LARP battle, convention, or cosplay event.

Persian Helmet - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3540
A warrior fighting in the desert must protect their head from enemy fire. They should wear helmets like this Epic Dark Persian Helmet into battle. No matter your character, you wear this helmet to any LARP battle or cosplay event.

Char-aina Steel Harness - Polished Steel

Item # MCI-3539
Sitting on your horse gazing out over the desert, you gleam in the fading sunlight. You fear little while wearing this Polished Steel Char-aina Steel Harness. Wear this armour to a LARP event, convention, or roleplaying event.

Char-aina Steel Harness - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3538
Sometimes a warrior wishes to ward off more than physical foes. Fighting against magical powers is easier with this Epic Dark Char-aina Steel Harness. Wear this historically inspired armour to a LARP event or cosplay convention.

Nightmare LARP Blade - 135 cm

Item # MCI-3537
As a barbarian, you fight continuously against the imperial soldiers. You are now a source of great terror for them with the Nightmare LARP Blade. Wear this hybrid foam longsword to your next LARP event or epic fantasy convention.

Caprine LARP Sword - 135 cm

Item # MCI-3536
Whether you are a ranger roaming the mountains or a person who lives there, it is a good idea to have a weapon on hand like this Caprine LARP Sword. Wear this hybrid foam longsword to your next LARP event or epic fantasy convention.

Nightmare LARP Blade - 115 cm

Item # MCI-3535
As a barbarian, you love to pillage towns and villages, becoming an absolute terror. You expertly wield this Nightmare LARP Blade against your foes. Bring this barbarian sword to the fiercest LARP battles and fantasy conventions.

Draug LARP Sword - 115 cm

Item # MCI-3534
Armies of the undead cannot attack or defend by themselves. They require a terrifying weapon to use against the living, such as the Draug LARP Sword. Draw this ghastly blade at your next LARP battle, convention, or roleplaying event.

Necromancer LARP Wand - White

Item # MCI-3533
As a dark wizard, you may require a wand that looks like the skeletons of the undead. Cast your dastardly spells with the white Necromancer LARP Wand. This wand is wonderful for any LARP event, theater production, or convention

Druid LARP Wand - Brown

Item # MCI-3532
For those who work the old ways and connect with Gaia, a wand to focus your powers is necessary. Continue your craft with the brown Druid LARP Wand. Use it to cast spells at any LARP event, theater performance, or magical practice.

Claw LARP Hammer

Item # MCI-3531
In a dystopian world, any item nearby can become a handy weapon against your opponents. Grab this Claw LARP Hammer and ensure your continued survival. This unusual weapon makes a great prop for theater productions and LARP events.

Black Knight LARP Shield

Item # MCI-3530
For the soldiers and fighters who no longer fight for the light but instead crave the power of darkness, the Black Knight LARP Shield protects them. This shield is wonderful for LARP and roleplaying events as well as conventions.

Soldiers Steel LARP Halberd

Item # MCI-3529
Whether you fight for the crown, yourself, or revolutionaries, a great weapon is ideal. Carry with you into battle the Soldiers Steel LARP Halberd. This foam halberd works wonderfully for LARP battles and other roleplaying events.

Wild Elf LARP Dagger

Item # MCI-3528
An elven ranger crouches in the forest keeping a close eye on their prey, waiting for the perfect moment. They attack with this Wild Elf LARP Dagger. This foam dagger is great for LARP events, theater productions, and cosplaying.

Celtic LARP Dagger

Item # MCI-3527
With your fellow warriors and druids behind you, you face down your enemy. In case of close combat, you keep the Celtic LARP Dagger by your side. Defeat any enemy and have a great fantasy prop for a LARP event or cosplay convention.

LARP Bowie

Item # MCI-3526
For those fighters who prefer to battle at very close range, a knife is often a better choice than a sword. Take on any enemy with the LARP Bowie. This foam dagger is great for LARP events, theater productions, and cosplaying.

Claw Bracer

Item # MCI-3525
Dark elves, necromancers, and rogues enjoy armour that is as terrifying as their weapons. Wear and wield this Claw Bracer when defeating your foes. This leather armour piece is ideal for wearing to LARP events or cosplay conventions.