Long LARP Swords

With an average length of over 40 inches, these impressive wholesale LARP swords come in many different designs ranging from fantasy to medieval to Oriental to Viking to pirate. Our wholesale foam latex swords include LARP claymores, LARP cutlasses, LARP war swords, and other kinds of LARP longswords. Many of these high-quality wholesale LARP weapons feature flexible fiberglass cores that lend them strength and Kevlar to protect the tips of the swords.
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Aether LARP Katana

The ghostly weapon that is the Aether LARP Katana is a shadowy blade that finds its home in the hands of deadly assassins and vengeful warriors. Ethereal lightning crackles along its dark blade, a grim glimpse of the aether.

Alluvium Dao LARP Sword

Extra-dimensional weapons such as the Alluvium Dao LARP Sword bear scars from the magic that tore them from their home plane on their blade. This magical essence makes them more powerful, and more mysterious, than any blade on Earth.

Alluvium LARP Katana

If you wish to wield a weapon that has been imbued with the power of a lightning storm, look no further than the Alluvium LARP Katana! The long blade of this foam latex weapon appears to crackle with the electric energy of a storm!

Carved Hilt Viking Long LARP Sword

Norse myth abounds with tales of mighty warriors and their epic battles. The Carved Hilt Viking Long LARP Sword makes a fine blade for any LARPer looking to embody the robust fighting spirit of these ancient Northern people.

Celtic Leaf Long LARP Sword

The warriors of the ancient Celtic tribes wielded mighty swords with leaf-shaped blades and curved guards, a style which is replicated in the Celtic Leaf Long LARP Sword! With this weapon, you can fight like a mighty Celtic warrior!

Dai Katana LARP Sword

Become a fearless samurai of the Edo Period with the Dai Katana LARP Sword in your grasp. Your movements are both swift and graceful as you rid the village of the ruthless bandits that have harassed the peasants for far too long.

Dark Elven LARP Longblade

You can tell a dark elf by their weapons. Wicked yet graceful, this Dark Elven LARP Longblade is a stunning weapon with an eerie look that seems all too capable of slicing cleanly through the stoutest of defenses.

Dwarf Double Edge Long LARP Sword

Deep within their mines, dwarves were known to craft fine and sturdy weapons with the rare materials they found. The Dwarf Double Edge Long LARP Sword pays homage to these mythical people with its beautiful and resilient design.

Dwarf Single Edge Long LARP Sword

With its beautifully detailed hilt, formidable blade shape, and sturdy, reliable construction, the Dwarf Single Edge Long LARP Sword is a remarkable live action roleplay weapon that honors the style of its fantasy inspiration.

Inferno Footman LARP Sword

Tap into something supernatural when you wield the Inferno Footman LARP Sword. Mystic energy seems to seep from the decorative cracks on this dark, double-sided blade. This fantasy LARP weapon is made of sturdy, shred resistant foam.

Inferno Ranger LARP Sword

As he stands defiantly before a demonic enemy, the inferno ranger, traveler of the fiery abyss, raises his jagged sword. You may not fight demons, but you can wield the Inferno Ranger LARP Sword the next time you rush into battle!

Jian Long LARP Sword

An elegant foam latex weapon inspired by the traditional Chinese blade that long ago defended the Ancient Empire of China, the Jian Long LARP Sword is a beautiful and trustworthy blade to wield at your next live action roleplay event.