Leather Shoulder Armour

The wholesale leather shoulder armour at LARP Distribution contains many high-quality pieces made from 7-8 oz. to 13-15 oz. leather. We carry excellent wholesale leather pauldrons and wholesale leather spaulders in medieval and fantasy designs that can suit almost any LARP character. Several of our wholesale leather armour pieces cover only a single shoulder, offering a stylized look as well as protection to that side. Our leather LARP shoulder armour makes an excellent alternative to our wholesale steel pauldrons.
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Dark Elf Leather Gorget

Item # MCI-3295
Move through the shadows with confidence, your neck and chest guarded by the Dark Elf Leather Gorget. This leather armour piece has a unique overlapping panel construction for flexibility and comfort as well as style and protection.

Ratio Gorget with Shoulders

Item # MCI-3147
Designed to offer protection to the throat, shoulders, and upper arms, the Ratio Gorget with Shoulders feature leather spaulders reinforced with brass-colored steel plates. The shoulders and gorget connect with leather cords.

Roman Shoulder Armour

Item # MCI-3041
Make sure that your Roman Shoulder Armour is properly fastened when you fall into rank for your commanding officer. Easily complete your characters outfit with this traditional armour that offers a distinct and authentic feel.

Shoulder Armour with Neck Guard

Item # MCI-2740
Our Shoulder Armour with Neck Guard is great for those who do not want to wear a breastplate or cuirass, as the pauldrons connect right to the included neck plate. It is crafted from 8-9 oz. leather and available in black or brown.

Warriors Single Pauldron

Item # MCI-2741
The Warriors Single Pauldron is designed to be worn on the right side shoulder and comes with a built in chest harness that provides a very comfortable and sturdy fit. Great for LARP, Theater, Movies, Costumes, and the SCA.