Leather Gauntlets

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Decius Leather Gauntlets

Item # MY100175
How does a small cut to the hand make a firm grip painfully unbearable? Steady hands are required for powered strikes. Avoid this unfortunate situation, and properly fortify these important limbs with the Decius Leather Gauntlets.

Sigfrid Leather Demi Gauntlets

Item # MY100692
Many unforgettable adventures await the warrior that includes the Sigfrid Leather Demi Gauntlets in their defense. Whether you battle within a LARP realm steeped in myth or one inspired by history, entrust your forearms to this pair.

Sulla Leather Gauntlets

Item # MY100202
A raging foe charges toward you. You grip your sword steadily and set a firm foothold. Their weapon clips your hand, but you calmly fend off the attack. Your hands remain unscathed, safely shielded by the Sulla Leather Gauntlets.