Leather Crafts

As a wholesale distributor of leather role-play items, LARP Distribution carries a wide range of wholesale leather armour and wholesale leather products that make ideal pieces for LARPing and re-enactment scenarios. Our leather armour includes various items such as leather body armor, leather greaves, leather bracers, leather helmets, and more. Additionally, our wholesale leather accessories includes useful items for warriors like leather quivers, leather bags, leather belts, and leather frogs. With so many different leather products available, there is sure to be something of use for any kind of LARP character.

Leather Bracers & Arm Armour

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Made from thick, combat-quality leather, our wholesale arm armour at LARP Distribution complements most re-enactment armour styles, such as medieval knights and soldiers. We carry wholesale leather arm armour with articulation and molded shapes that allow a full range of movement in battle, while also providing excellent protection. This full arm leather armour attaches with straps and buckles and can be connected to a gorget if desired. The functional design of our hardened leather arm armour makes it an ideal choice for LARPing or SCA. LARP Distribution offers an excellent variety of wholesale leather bracers, wholesale leather wrist cuffs, wholesale leather vambraces, and wholesale leather arm guards that go great with our other pieces of leather armour. We carry these pieces in a wide range of styles, including Celtic, medieval, steampunk, fantasy, pirate, samurai, and more. They come in many different colors and are decorated with details like vines, dragons, stars, gears, metal studs, and other features. These wholesale leather armour items make an essential part of archer attire, while also providing protection for close combat LARPers.

Leather Shoulder Armour

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The wholesale leather shoulder armour at LARP Distribution contains many high-quality pieces made from 7-8 oz. to 13-15 oz. leather. We carry excellent wholesale leather pauldrons and wholesale leather spaulders in medieval and fantasy designs that can suit almost any LARP character. Several of our wholesale leather armour pieces cover only a single shoulder, offering a stylized look as well as protection to that side. Our leather LARP shoulder armour makes an excellent alternative to our wholesale steel pauldrons.

Leather Greaves & Leg Armour

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Made from high-quality leather ranging from 7-8 oz. to 13-15 oz., our wholesale leather greaves serve as impressive pieces of leather armour for LARPing and SCA events. Our wholesale leather leg armour comes in a variety of styles that suit many fantasy looks, medieval knights, pirates, Viking warriors, and other popular re-enactment characters. Many of these leather LARP greaves match other pieces of our wholesale leather armour, such as our leather bracers. The growing selection of wholesale leather leg armour at LARP Distribution features excellent leather gear for protecting the knees, shins, and thighs. Our wholesale leather armour combines leather cuisses and leather poleyns to form complete coverage of the upper legs and knees, made from high-quality leather up to 13-15 oz. Suitable for a number of characters ranging from medieval knights to other fantasy and historical warriors, these leather products made an excellent alternative to our wholesale steel armour.

Leather Body Armour

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Here at LARP Distribution, we are pleased to offer an excellent selection of wholesale leather body armour in a wide variety of designs and styles. We carry wholesale leather armour specifically tailored for women and kids, allowing the whole family to be involved in LARP events and re-enactments. Our styles of leather armour include leather brigandines, leather samurai armour, leather fantasy armour, leather Celtic armour, leather Viking armour, and leather medieval armour, as well. Many of our pieces are made with adjustable straps and buckles for a good fit.

Leather Helmets

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LARP Distribution provides an assortment of leather headwear and leather masks for protection and decoration of the head and face. We carry wholesale leather helmets and helms, wholesale leather mempos, and wholesale leather headbands for kids and adults, available in a variety of different colors and styles. This leather gear appears in designs ranging from fantasy to medieval to zombie to Greek and more, so almost any LARP character can be accommodated. Made from high-quality leather up to 13-15 oz., these pieces offer a great lighter alternative to our wholesale metal helmets.

Leather Gloves & Gauntlets

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The wholesale LARP gloves and wholesale leather gauntlets offered by LARP Distribution protect hands against blows and strikes during battle, while often providing additional grip for wielding weapons. We carry high-quality swordsman gloves and armored gauntlets made from leather and suede that match well with our other pieces of wholesale leather armour. These leather gloves and LARP gauntlets suit most LARP characters and costumes, making them flexible leather accessories for function and style.

Leather Corsets & Cinchers

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The wholesale leather corsets and wholesale leather waist cinchers offered by LARP Distribution are made right here in our leather shop, handcrafted with a high attention to detail. These hard leather underbust corsets come in a mix of styles that can easily fit medieval, Renaissance, steampunk, pirate, or fantasy looks. Our wholesale corsets come in side-lacing and back-lacing designs that allow each piece to be adjusted for fit and comfort. Several of these excellent LARP corsets are available in a range of different colors, as well.

Leather Quivers

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LARPers and traditional archers alike can make use of the high-quality wholesale leather quivers available from LARP Distribution. These wholesale leather archery supplies come in a range of styles from fantasy to medieval, and they can suit almost any LARP character. Several archer quivers come in multiple color options, as well. Many of our wholesale LARP quivers feature adjustable shoulder straps, and most are worn on the back so that the straps cross over the chest.

Leather Scabbards

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The wholesale LARP scabbards available at LARP Distribution are made from high-quality tanned vegetable leather with faux fur lining in order to protect foam latex weapons. These excellent wholesale leather sheaths come in designs for daggers and swords of multiple lengths to suit many of our popular wholesale LARP weapons. Our leather LARP scabbards can easily be hung from a belt, and our pieces are available for right or left-handed draws. Our LARP dagger sheaths and LARP sword scabbards suit almost any style of re-enactment character from medieval to fantasy.