Leather Arm Bracers

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Dark Elf Leather Bracer

Item # MCI-3294
Wear the Dark Elf Leather Bracer whenever combat calls for a shadowy approach. This single arm bracer has a unique and intimidating construction, made from a series of black leather panels with pointed ends layered over each other.

Deluxe Alistair Bracers

Item # MY101116
Elven warriors and those of great martial prowess require armour that matches their strength. Wear these Deluxe Alistair Bracers in your next battle. These deluxe bracers look fantastic for LARP events and fantasy conventions.

Erend Leather Bracers

Item # MY101247
Adventurers and rogues alike require armour in order to protect themselves from any enemy. Guard your arms from attack with the Erend Leather Bracers. These bracers look wonderful at a variety of LARP events or fantasy conventions.

Gawain Bracers

Item # MY101022
There are many places for an enemy to attack you, including your arms. Protect your arms with the Gawain Bracers when you are facing a fierce enemy. These bracers look great as part of a LARP or cosplay costume for a fantasy event.

Geralt Bracer with Throwing Dagger Holder

Item # MY100886
For the intrepid adventurer looking for a streamlined look, the Geralt Bracer with Throwing Dagger Holder is ideal for combining necessary equipment. The LARPing bandit or mage commands any convention or faire with this arm combo.

Geralt Potion Holding Bracer

Item # MY100288
When wearing the Geralt Potion Holding Bracer, you can always be sure your most vital potion is within arms length. This high-quality leather bracer features a convenient pocket intended to securely hold a single small bottle.

Kendra Ladies Bracers

Item # MY100863
A fearsome lady needs bracers that fit. Designed to fit narrower arms, the Kendra Ladies Bracers add a militaristic or fantastical touch to a costume. Wear these bracers as part of an ensemble to any LARP event or fantasy convention.

Kids Felix Leather Bracers

Item # MY100499
Permit your child to complete a noble LARP quest or reenact history. When combined with our padded bracers and the matching armour pieces, these Kids Felix Leather Bracers ensure the young warrior is ready for an exciting adventure.

Lancelot Embossed Leather Bracers

Item # MY100414
Protect your forearms from needless injury with the Lancelot Embossed Leather Bracers. With imagery befitting a warrior of the Middle Ages, this pair not only raises your defense when LARPing, but helps create the look that you desire.

Leather Samurai Bracers

Item # MCI-2168-1
Arm protection is a key part of any armored look. This was true in European armors as well as in oriental designs. These Leather Samurai Bracers mimic the Japanese kote, which were worn by samurai as a part their traditional armor.

Lion Bracers

Item # MY100865
When you want to become a ferocious warrior, you need to wear the fiercest armour. Add the Lion Bracers to your intimidating appearance and strategy. They are ideal for fighting a LARP battle or to impress at a fantasy event.

Octavius Leather Bracers

Item # MY100996
Gladiators in the arena know the importance of armour, especially on the arms. Wear the Octavius Leather Bracers into your next battle or fight. This leather armour is wonderful for LARP battles, reenactments, and fantasy events.