Leather Accessories

LARP Distribution carries a number of leather LARP and reenactment accessories that will appeal to a wide variety of customers. Here you will find medieval leather bracelets and leather journals alongside cutlery sets, telescopes, and compasses that come with their own leather carrying pouches. This category has all sorts of details that any LARPer would want in their pack or accessorizing their look. These wholesale LARP accessories can add the perfect touch to many historical and fantasy ensembles. We offer leather LARP accessories in styles that range from Elven to Viking and everything in between, making them suitable for a variety of characters.

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Beaded Leather Bracelet

The Beaded Leather Bracelet belongs to a LARPer who has traveled far. Whether you are completing a quest on behalf of your village or creating your own adventure, this jewelry pieces adds an edgy, tribal touch to your roleplay costume.

Compass with Leather Pouch

This functioning Compass is a must have accessory that will go with just about any theme! The possibilities of what you can use this for are endless. When you are not using it, store the compass in the included brown leather pouch.

Elven Filigree Bracelet

Never forget the tribe to which you belong and your connection to nature with the Elven Filigree Bracelet. This accessory is perfect for the LARP warrior who must leave village life behind and defeat the great evil that threatens all.


Fewer thieves and ruffians roam the streets since you became a member of the Watch. The villagers sleep more peacefully, knowing that you maintain a steady vigil throughout the night with the Handcuffs dangling from your belt.

Large Buckled Leather Diary

A journal like this Large Buckled Leather Diary is well suited for recording anything you may encounter on your journey. That makes this journal a must have for any trip you might take, no matter how short or long it may be.

Leather Cuff Bracelet

When adventuring into another realm, be it fantasy or historical, the Leather Cuff Bracelet adds a stylish touch to numerous roles. Take on the guise of Neo-Victorian or axe-wielding rogue with this buckled cuff decorating your wrist.

Leather Japanese Mempo

A mempo, or menpo, was a piece of Japanese armor that was designed to cover and protect the face. The Leather Japanese Mempo recreates its design in quality leather so that you can armor yourself as the legendary Samurai once did.

Leather Multi Braid Bracelet

The Leather Multi Braid Bracelet adds an extra touch of authenticity to many roles. It looks just as stylish on a Viking as it does a steampunk inventor or a medieval villager. After all, bracelets have been in fashion for ages.

Leather Multi Strap Bracelet

There is something edgy and tribal about leather jewelry. The layered look of the Leather Multi Strap Bracelet appeals to Neo-Victorians, Vikings, and rogues alike. It is a stylish match for those adorned with gadgetry or weapons.

Lock Chest

Whether you are securing prisoners in the dungeon or locking up some treasure chests, this working reproduction will do the job! This medieval lock has been antiqued and handmade so it looks and functions as the originals did.

Ratio Armour Crest

Standing guard on behalf of the Primordial Skeptics, Kan soldiers in the Army of Doubt serve as the backbone of the military. The Ratio Armour Crest shows you are a servant of the Ratio, appearing as a badge of loyalty.

Small Buckled Leather Diary

During your travels you may have need to write down an important thought or spell. This Small Buckled Leather Diary can help you do just that, either by protecting your ideas and adventures, or by recording your deepest thoughts.