LARP Swords

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Caprine LARP Sword - 100 cm

Item # MCI-3518
For the explorers, rangers, and protectors of mountains, the Caprine LARP Sword is the best choice in personal defense against invaders and marauders. Draw this ram inspired sword at your next LARP battle or fantasy convention.

Caprine LARP Sword - 115 cm

Item # MCI-3519
A mountain climber may not know what is coming around the next peak and should carry personal protection. The Caprine LARP Sword is a great choice. Wear this hybrid foam longsword to your next LARP event or epic fantasy convention.

Diego LARP Sabre

Item # MY100726
If you plan to rob those Spanish galleons of all they are worth, you had best not be afraid to cut a few throats. The Diego LARP Sabre is just what any scallawag needs before setting sail on the seven seas to do some plundering.

Draug LARP Sword - 85 cm

Item # MCI-3517
The armies of the undead require an equally frightening weapon. The Draug LARP Sword is ideal for guarding treasure or freshly dug graves. Use this double-edged, hybrid foam sword at your next LARP battle or fantasy convention.

Farin LARP Short Sword

Item # MY100729
Sometimes, when you are out adventuring, a cumbersome longsword can get in the way or even throw you off balance. The Farin LARP Short Sword makes the perfect weapon for any fantasy hero, serving a purpose while also being easy to carry.

Fidas LARP Longsword

Item # MY100715
You have come a long way to conquer this land, crossing cold and stormy seas in an uncovered longboat. It would be a shame if your weapon failed you now. Luckily, the Fidas LARP Longsword is sure to defend you without waver.

Fidas LARP Short Sword

Item # MY100714
Even vicious Vikings can find themselves cornered by the enemy, and for a fight to the death in cramped quarters, nothing is better than a short sword. Be prepared for the worst and arm your Viking character with the Fidas LARP Short Sword.

Gareth LARP Bastard Sword

Item # MY100730
Few weapons utilize torque as effectively as a hand-and-a-half sword. Provide your knight or adventurer character with this advantage in your next LARP event when you equip them with the formidable Gareth LARP Bastard Sword.

Griffin LARP Short Sword

Item # MY100716
Whether you are sailing the seas in search of loot or adventuring through Persia, you need a trusty sword by your side. The Griffin LARP Short Sword is just the thing, defending you in close-quarters combat without getting in your way.

Heinrich LARP Longsword

Item # MY100746
Swords come in all shapes and sizes, their makeup speaking of their era and location. For a sturdy sword with a classic medieval design, look no further than the Heinrich LARP Longsword.

Heinrich LARP Short Sword

Item # MY100745
On a raging battlefield, sometimes the only way to live to fight another day is to shorten your range and deal with the enemies around you. The Heinrich LARP Short Sword helps you do just that, serving as a loyal and maneuverable weapon.

Hektor LARP Longsword

Item # MY100748
Knights are only as good as the weapons they carry. Make sure that you are carrying one that both serves as an excellent defense and says a thing or two about your prowess and poise. The Hektor LARP Longsword is just the thing.