LARP Spears & Staffs

Offering a greater range than other close combat weapons, the wholesale LARP polearms carried by LARP Distribution provide a unique option for LARP battles. We carry a wide range of types of long wholesale latex weapons, including LARP spears, LARP staffs and quarterstaffs, LARP glaives, LARP halberds, and LARP naginata. These different wholesale LARP weapons display varying styles, appearing in medieval, fantasy, Viking, and Renaissance designs, among others. Many of these wholesale LARP pole weapons extend over 70 inches in length.
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Ancient LARP Spear

Item # MCI-2884
Age does not hold this spear back at all. The Ancient LARP Spear has the look of a spear from an ancient culture that has been buried by the sands of time. It is crafted from quality latex and durable foam.

Braced LARP Staff

Item # MCI-2906
Never underestimate what a staff can do. In skilled hands, this Braced LARP Staff is a double-ended defeat-dealer, capable of whirling about, striking from a variety of different angles in a way that would make martial artists proud!

Classic Mage LARP Staff

Item # MCI-2907
The staff is a powerful part of a mages equipment. Not only can a sorcerer channel magic through it, but it also serves as a matchless pole weapon in skilled hands. Ensure you are properly armed with the Classic Mage LARP Staff.

Dark Elven LARP Glaive

Item # MCI-2883
In battle, the drow choose armaments that give them the greatest chance of winning. When grasped in your hands, the Dark Elven LARP Glaive proves to be an excellent weapon that will help you achieve victory over your enemies.

Kingsguard LARP Halberd

Item # MCI-3323
Defend the kingdom and strike down your foes with the Kingsguard LARP Halberd. Combining the best bits of an axe and a spear, this unique medieval weapon is made safe for LARP through its high quality, closed cell foam construction.

LARP Battle Scythe

Item # MCI-3326
Strike and slice at all who oppose you, while safely maintaining your distance, when you wield the LARP Battle Scythe. This medieval LARP weapon has a sturdy and flexible fiberglass core within its closed cell foam construction.

LARP Battle Staff

Item # MCI-2910
When battle comes, you take whatever weapon you can get, even if that means breaking off a sturdy branch. Have no fear, though, for that branch is actually this LARP Battle Staff, a stave that you can use to decimate your foes.

LARP Guandao

Item # MCI-3381
An exotic blade for a master of all weapons, the LARP Guandao is an oriental style polearm that combines the elegance and cutting power of a Dao sword with the reach and leverage of a spear. Gain the advantage with this epic weapon!

LARP Halberd

Item # MCI-2816
A beautiful, yet deadly, combination of an axe and spear, the LARP Halberd will send your enemies running in terror. Whether you are an orc from a fantasy realm or Nordic warrior from the Viking Age, arm yourself with this weapon.

LARP Pike Pole

Item # MCI-3483
Like the pole weapons carried by Landsknecht, Swiss mercenaries, and medieval foot soldiers, the LARP Pike Pole has a spear blade at the top and a small, curved spike on one side. A durable foam construction makes it safe for LARP.

LARP Sentinel Spear

Item # MCI-2094
The Sentinel Spear is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong coating of latex. This spear features a very long handle with a decent size spear head. The spear head has an appealing curved design.

LARP Spear of Light

Item # MCI-3380
Forged in the heart of a star, only the mightiest of paladins can wield the sacred weapon of the sun god. Prove once and for all that you are the fiercest warrior of holy justice by entering battle with the LARP Spear of Light!