Stepping outside the traditional LARP sword, LARP Distribution offers a number of types of wholesale foam latex weapons, including these wholesale LARP battle axes. Our latex axes come as single-headed and double-headed battle axes with poles of various lengths. Our wholesale LARP axes display a wide range of styles varying from medieval axes to fantasy axes to steampunk axes to Viking axes and beyond. This section also features a number of LARP sickles, such as LARP scythes and LARP kama.
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Chaos Axe - 110 cm

Item # MCI-3524
Whether a fearsome orc or rough barbarian, you love causing mayhem and disorder. Use the Chaos Axe to rampage, plunder, and pillage various towns. This rugged polearm is fantastic for LARP battles, cosplay, and fantasy conventions.

Dark Elven LARP Axe

Item # MCI-2009-1
Dark elves are particularly known for their cunning and viciousness, and this Dark Elven LARP Axe represents those qualities perfectly. In spite of its sinister look, it is rather safe, being made from quality latex and foam.

Dark Elven War LARP Axe

Item # MCI-2028-1
If you thought that axes were not an elvish weapon, then you were wrong. This Dark Elven War LARP Axe features the brutal style that dark elves are famous for, while being constructed from foam and latex, making it safe for LARP combat.

Double Headed Battle Axe

Item # MCI-2044
Shout out with the best battle cry ever when wielding the Double Headed Battle Axe. Whether you are a dwarf on the lookout for an entertaining fight, or a barbarian full of rage and bloodlust, this axe is a great ally when LARPing.

Elven Wing LARP Axe

Item # MCI-3480
The weapons of elves are often both powerful and elegant. The Elven Wing LARP Axe is no exception. Its long, wickedly curved blade is ridged to look like the wing of a bird, and beautiful, carved scrollwork decorates its golden base.

Executioners LARP Axe

Item # MCI-2045
Very few would dare to break the law in your village, but when they do, your Executioners LARP Axe is ready to unleash a reckoning. Everyone knows you take your job seriously, so when you reveal this weapon, all tremble with fear.

Gothic LARP Axe

Item # MCI-3481
Whether your character is a medieval knight, mercenary, or a warrior from a fantasy realm, the Gothic LARP Axe is a great LARP weapon to have in your arsenal. This latex foam LARP axe has a distinctive yet versatile medieval style.

LARP Boarding Axe

Item # MCI-3458
Any warrior can make use of a good axe. The LARP Boarding Axe is a versatile hand axe for LARP adventuring. Made of durable and shred resistant closed cell foam, this medieval LARP weapon is a fantastic addition to any arsenal.

LARP Cleaver Axe

Item # MCI-2049
Years of training have earned you high status among the other orcs of your tribe. Only the finest and fiercest weapons deserve a place in your arsenal. Send your human foes in a panic by wielding the LARP Cleaver Axe during battle.

LARP Dane Axe

Item # MCI-2841
As a classic reproduction of a historic weapon, the LARP Dane Axe is a highly effective pole axe that is perfect for any LARP warrior. It is a durable, solid weapon that is constructed from a fiberglass core wrapped in foam and latex.

LARP Hammer Axe

Item # MCI-3467
The LARP Hammer Axe brings the might of both weapons into one with realistic medieval style, all made safe for LARP battle through a highly shred resistant, latex-coated foam construction around a flexible and sturdy fiberglass core.

LARP War Scythe

Item # MCI-2843
The LARP War Scythe takes what was a traditional farm implement and turns it into a weapon fit for a LARP battle! It has a sturdy construction that makes use of durable foam, strong latex, and a flexible fiberglass core.