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Jorik Knife

Item # MY100957
The functionality of a knife should not overshadow the appearance. The Jorik Knife combines an intimidating figure with great practicality. This steel knife works equally well as a daily blade, display piece, or costume accessory.

Juhani Knife

Item # MY100958
Become a modern Norse craftsman or warrior with the Juhani Knife. Hold the knife by its horn handle and use the knife for a variety of tasks. This straight-backed, steel blade is a great showpiece for display or everyday use.

Large Glen Celtic Knife with Sheath

Item # MY100290
In a style reminiscent of tools used by the ancient Celts, the Large Glen Celtic Knife with Sheath features a functional, rustproof blade made of stainless steel. Included with this knife is its own hardened leather sheath.

Lubomir Knife

Item # MY100964
A practical but beautiful knife may be all you need during the day. The Lubomir Knife is a versatile tool for a variety of situations and conditions. It is an ideal accessory to carve, cut, or slice when out in the wild or at home.

Medium Glen Celtic Knife with Sheath

Item # MY100291
Made of rustproof stainless steel, the Medium Glen Celtic Knife with Sheath is a historic tool inspired by the ancient ring knives of the Celts. Featuring a thick, curved blade, this knife comes with a hardened leather sheath.

Mildreth Knife

Item # MY100965
Sometimes you want a knife that is both elegant enough for display but also functional for a variety of uses. The Mildreth Knife fulfills this desire as a great accessory for any costume or as a tool for a variety of everyday tasks.

Radovan Knife

Item # MY100966
A woodsman may require a reliable knife for an assortment of tasks. The Radovan Knife is ideal for this requirement. Use this steel blade out in the field or in the forest. It works well in a variety of situations and conditions.

Rudolf Knife

Item # MY100970
Sometimes a noble may wish to supply their own cutlery for a banquet. The Rudolf Knife features an elegant appearance, ready for any feast or dinner. It is ideal for use in a contemporary kitchen, faire, or historical reenactment.

Scrolled Germanic Knife

Item # HW-701036
The Scrolled Germanic Knife is a beautiful replica of an Iron Age knife. Its legacy stems from a culture existing before the Roman Empire took hold of Europe. This tempered iron knife is ideal for historical reenactment or display.

Sigurd Knife

Item # MY100974
Short yet very durable, the Sigurd Knife is a great addition to an everyday carry or as a functional accessory to a costume for a Renaissance faire or fantasy convention. Wear it wherever you might need it with the included sheath.

Simson Knife

Item # MY100976
When you need to slice or skin, the Simson Knife can do the job. This understated knife can do a variety of tasks in the woods, at home, or in camp. Carry this distinctive knife to where you need it with the included leather sheath.

Skjold Knife

Item # MY100977
A Norse warrior may want a sturdy blade for their tasks in the woods or at camp. The Skjold Knife features a thick wooden handle and a durable blade. This knife is an ideal companion for the woodsman, craftsman, or knife collector.