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Brass Boatswain Whistle Keychain

Item # HW-701287
Based on the whistles used to call out commands to the crew when voices could not be heard over the sounds of the sea, the Brass Boatswain Whistle Keychain is a marvelous way to bring historical nautical style into everyday life.

Brass Lantern Keychain - Green

Item # HW-701230
Keep your keys from being lost in darkness when you add them to the Brass Lantern Keychain in Green. This handcrafted brass keychain is shaped like a miniature lantern. Its center glass is green for a unique touch of color.

Brass Lantern Keychain - Red

Item # HW-701285
The Brass Lantern Keychain in Red calls to mind voyages across dark waters and through distant lands. Bring a historical travelers vibe to your everyday journeying with this carefully handcrafted, nautical-themed brass keyring.

Brass Life Preserver Keychain

Item # HW-701232
Imagine seafaring excursions and daring rescues when you keep your keys sorted with the Brass Life Preserver Keychain. This handcrafted brass keyring is the shape of traditional, round, nautical life saver made in miniature.

Brass Magnifying Glass Keychain

Item # HW-701234
The Brass Magnifying Glass Keychain is a handcrafted accessory made with historical style in mind. This brass keyring has a functioning, miniature magnifying glass as its accent, perfect for helping read little text in a pinch.

Brass Oil Lamp Keychain

Item # HW-701286
Add antique traveler style to your everyday life with the Brass Oil Lamp Keychain. This historically-inspired keychain is handcrafted from brass and has a darkened glass center, replicating in miniature the look of an antique lamp.

Brass Ship Bell Keychain

Item # HW-701231
Indicate the hour of your watch like seafarers of old with the Brass Ship Bell Keychain. This mini nautical keyring is handcrafted from brass. Unique and useful, keep your keys neatly kept with the attached knurled knob ring.

Brass Ship Wheel Keychain

Item # HW-701233
Steer your keys together in the right direction when you attach them all to the Brass Ship Wheel Keychain. The charm of this handcrafted brass keyring is shaped like the historical wheel of a ship, a round frame with six spokes.

Brass Telescope Keychain

Item # HW-701229
Imagine adventures on the high seas or peering into distant lands with the Brass Telescope Keychain. This mini nautical keychain is handmade from brass, has an actual lens, and collapses into itself just like a real telescope.

Brass Whistle Keychain

Item # HW-701235
Alert your party or quickly get the attention of those around you with the Brass Whistle Keychain. This useful nautical keychain is a functioning whistle, handcrafted from brass and easy to carry anywhere with its attached ring.