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Celtic Cross Leather Journal

Item # HW-700422
Your journal is a sacred thing. It is the tome into which you pour your essence, the one thing with which you share your whole soul. You deserve a journal deserving of you, an elegant, hand-crafted book like the Celtic Cross Leather Journal.

Celtic Leather Journal

Item # HW-700202
Your journal is more than just a simple notebook. It is the vault in which you store shreds of yourself. Why settle for an ordinary tome, then, when you can pour your deepest thoughts into the pages of the beautiful Celtic Leather Journal?

Celtic Lovers Leather Journal

Item # HW-700426
Whether you are writing your deepest desires or simply jotting down a to-do list, your personal style should show in the journal you keep close. For Celtic beauty that will captivate the eye, choose the Celtic Lovers Leather Journal.

Dragon Leather Journal

Item # HW-700282
Dragons are hoarders of gold and jewels, even going so far as to die for their treasures. With the Dragon Leather Journal, you can harness this powerful magic protector to keep guard over your deepest, most treasured secrets.

Large Buckled Leather Diary

Item # MCI-2247
A journal like this Large Buckled Leather Diary is well suited for recording anything you may encounter on your journey. That makes this journal a must have for any trip you might take, no matter how short or long it may be.

Medieval Laced Leather Journal

Item # HW-700229
Whether you are a writer keeping archives of your daily observations or an artist sketching your surroundings, you need a book that transcends the ordinary. Record your thoughts or drawings in the Medieval Laced Leather Journal.

Pentagram Leather Journal

Item # HW-700281
If you truly want to keep your deepest thoughts safe, the best way to do it is to ward away unwelcome eyes with an arcane symbol of protection. The Pentagram Leather Journal is just the thing to keep your writings safe!

Small Buckled Leather Diary

Item # MCI-2246
During your travels you may have need to write down an important thought or spell. This Small Buckled Leather Diary can help you do just that, either by protecting your ideas and adventures, or by recording your deepest thoughts.

Stitched Edge Leather Journal

Item # HW-700306
If you love writing tales of heroes, drawing fantasy realms, or simply need a place to jot your thoughts, you need a journal that fits your tastes. The Stitched Edge Leather Journal has a perfectly subtle and authentic medieval look.