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Abraxas Duster Coat

Item # MY100242
An excellent addition to any Renaissance outfit, the Abraxas Duster Coat is great for wearing over robes and other historic garb. Fastened at the neck with a single button, this coat features a hood and a stylish shoulder cape.

Ariane Canvas Coat

Item # MY100808
For the forest elf or hidden archer, the Ariane Canvas Coat is ideal. This asymmetrical and loose cut coat allows for easy mobility when walking about. Whether trying to blend in or stand out, it adds to any LARP or fantasy outfit.

Ariane Wool Coat

Item # MY100809
Wonderful for a quest, the Ariane Wool Coat is great for the medieval or fantasy lover. Asymmetrical and loose fitting, adventurers have good mobility when on a mission. This coat is ideal for LARPing or roleplaying in cold weather.

Bowen Suede Jerkin

Item # MY100825
A forester needs the right gear and clothing. The Bowen Suede Jerkin is a great jacket for roaming ancient woods during the Dark Ages or Renaissance. This jacket is ideal for layering and creating a fantasy or reenactment costume.

Enigo Canvas Frock Coat

Item # MY100559
Whether you are swashbuckling on the high seas, operating your airship, or simply going about your everyday Renaissance era life, the Enigo Canvas Frock Coat will have you looking smart and daring with its stylishly tapered style.

Gustav Canvas Jacket

Item # MY100443
Join an army of brave 15th century knights with the Gustav Canvas Jacket as part of your period costume. Weave a tale inspired by the Late Middle Ages while exploring a LARP kingdom, or a reenact a scene from the pages of history.

Kandor Greatcoat

Item # MY100305
With a touch of drama embellishing its timeless look, the Kandor Greatcoat is ideal for steampunk adventurers, airship captains, and more. Made of heavy cotton canvas, this versatile coat can also be used for historical reenactments.

Leather Hellsing Coat

Item # MCI-3521
The hunters of vampires, werewolves, ghouls and more need the right attire for their hunts. The Leather Hellsing Coat is ideal for these adventures in the haunts of monsters. Wear this coat at LARP events and fantasy conventions.

Leonhardt Canvas Jerkin

Item # MY100567
A straight silhouette and crisp details grant the Leonhardt Canvas Jerkin a slightly militaristic aura. Made of cotton canvas, this medieval jacket features long, straight sleeves and fastens at the front with adjustable lacing.

Lilian Canvas Coat

Item # MY100310
The beautiful Lilian Canvas Coat features medieval-inspired details that take this outerwear garment to the next level. With its fashionably fitted cut, this coat also features a cozy, oversized hood that ends in a long tail.

Lilian Hooded Wool Coat

Item # MY100790
The Lilian Hooded Wool Coat is perfect for winter role-playing or strolling through the woods. With its faux fur trim, it is bound to stand out. Great for Medieval or fantasy events, this coat adds the right touch to any outfit.

Penda Suede Jerkin

Item # MY100539
Medieval garments like the Penda Suede Jerkin originally served as armour padding, but the design soon became a part of everyday dress. This predecessor to the modern vest suits many roles and is a great addition to your wardrobe.