Iron Works

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Center Twist S Hook

Item # HW-700554
Any kind of medieval or Renaissance setting can benefit from the Center Twist S Hook. Hang up pots, lamps, and more with this hand forged iron hook. The S-shape is versatile and sturdy, with little details adding interest to its look.

Gudrun Candle Holder

Item # MY100510
Celebrate the Middle Ages while enjoying the great outdoors. The extra ambiance provided by the Gudrun Candle Holder increases the fun and enchantment of a historical reenactment, renaissance faire, or medieval camping trip.

Gudrun Large Cooking Pan

Item # MY100944
When cooking a medieval meal, you may wish to use some historical looking tools. The Gudrun Large Cooking Pan is great for preparing a feast for a crowd. Use this large wrought iron pan at a camp, reenactment, or Renaissance faire.

Gudrun Large Cooking Pot

Item # MY100945
Pans are not the only needed cookware for cooking at camp. Use the Gudrun Large Cooking Pot to prepare a great meal on a campfire for a few friends. Show off your culinary capability with any cuisine with this wrought iron pot.

Gudrun Large Iron Hook

Item # MY100508
Contribute to the historical atmosphere of a reenactment or renaissance faire by using the Gudrun Large Iron Hook to organize your camping equipment. It is perfect for hanging heavier items in your tent or dangling a pot over a fire.

Gudrun Large Pot Tripod Stand

Item # MY100946
When cooking over an open fire, a pot needs something to rest on. Use the Gudrun Large Pot Tripod Stand to hold a pot over the flames and burning embers. You can use this wrought iron pot-stand for camping or other outdoor cooking.

Gudrun Medium Cooking Pan

Item # MY100947
A medieval traveler or warrior needs to be able to cook their meals wherever they go. Use the Gudrun Medium Cooking Pan to prepare a historical feast over an open flame. It is ideal for camping or other outdoor cooking events.

Gudrun Pot Hanger

Item # MY100948
When using a tripod, adjusting the height of a pot can be difficult. Use the Gudrun Pot Hanger to easily adjust your pots for better control. It is ideal for camping, historical reenactments, or any other outdoor cooking events.

Gudrun Small Cooking Pot

Item # MY100949
Preparing a great feast at camp requires the proper cookware. The Gudrun Small Cooking Pot is a great culinary addition to a camp or outdoor kitchen. It is ideal for testing your medieval cooking skills at faires and reenactments.

Gudrun Small Pot Tripod Stand

Item # MY100950
You will not want to constantly hold your pot over a fire or rest it on embers. Use the Gudrun Small Cooking Pot Tripod Stand to rest your small pot. It is ideal for camping or outdoor cooking at a Renaissance faire or reenactment.

Gudrun Twisted Iron Hook

Item # MY100509
When embarking on a medieval camping trip stay well organized while creating a historical setting. The Gudrun Twisted Iron Hook is perfect for hanging heavier gear in your tent or works with a tripod to hold a pot over the campfire.

Gudrun Wrought Iron Hook

Item # MY100507
The Gudrun Wrought Iron Hook is a necessary accessory for those who wish to put their medieval camping skills to the test. Create more room in your tent by using this s-hook to hang your pots, pans, and other cooking utensils.