Hybrid LARP Weapons

Our hybrid LARP weapons at LARP Distribution combine a traditional foam and latex construction with an injection molded polyurethane hilt to create a durable and detailed weapon. This means the hilt is relatively maintenance free. The blade is safe for general LARP combat, being made of latex coated, closed cell foam around a sturdy fiberglass core. We have a variety of LARP swords and LARP weapons in this category to choose from in popular medieval and fantasy designs. We carry hybrid LARP swords here in many different styles, including long swords and short swords, Elven LARP swords, Roman swords, oriental swords, and medieval LARP swords.
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Inferno Ranger LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3417
As he stands defiantly before a demonic enemy, the inferno ranger, traveler of the fiery abyss, raises his jagged sword. You may not fight demons, but you can wield the Inferno Ranger LARP Sword the next time you rush into battle!

LARP Jade Dao - 100cm

Item # MCI-3409
A fearsome broadsword from ancient China, the Dao is a blade that finds its home amongst martial artists and daring warriors. The LARP Jade Dao - 100cm is a blade truly fit for master fighters and heroes of legendary tales!

Celtic Leaf Long LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3408
The warriors of the ancient Celtic tribes wielded mighty swords with leaf-shaped blades and curved guards, a style which is replicated in the Celtic Leaf Long LARP Sword! With this weapon, you can fight like a mighty Celtic warrior!

Alluvium LARP Katana

Item # MCI-3413
If you wish to wield a weapon that has been imbued with the power of a lightning storm, look no further than the Alluvium LARP Katana! The long blade of this foam latex weapon appears to crackle with the electric energy of a storm!

Aether LARP Katana

Item # MCI-3414
The ghostly weapon that is the Aether LARP Katana is a shadowy blade that finds its home in the hands of deadly assassins and vengeful warriors. Ethereal lightning crackles along its dark blade, a grim glimpse of the aether.

Carved Hilt Viking Long LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3212
Norse myth abounds with tales of mighty warriors and their epic battles. The Carved Hilt Viking Long LARP Sword makes a fine blade for any LARPer looking to embody the robust fighting spirit of these ancient Northern people.

Seafarer Long LARP Sabre

Item # MCI-3211
If you harbor the fierce spirit or cutthroat tendencies of a pirate lord, then the Seafarer Long LARP Sabre is right for you. This LARP blade is particularly suited for the devious few with a fondness for swashbuckling action.

Elven Warrior Long LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3216
Embody the ethereal grace and immortal charm of fantasys most elegant race when you wield the Elven Warrior Long LARP Sword. Expertly handcrafted for safety and ease of use, wield this sleek and swift blade at your next LARP event.

Medieval Knight LARP Long Rapier Sword

Item # MCI-3215
A fearsome blade with an elegant hilt, the Medieval Knight LARP Long Rapier Sword combines excellent craftsmanship and beautiful detailing to create a LARP weapon that will help you strike with finesse on the LARP battlefield.

LARP Noble Warrior Long Sword

Item # MCI-3273
Earn a legendary reputation as a highly skilled knight and prove yourself worthy of a title with the LARP Noble Warrior Long Sword. Whether you choose to slay a dragon or reenact a historical battle to do so is entirely up to you.

Long LARP Smallsword

Item # MCI-3249
Add an imaginative twist to a historical moment or create a high fantasy realm that is all your own. With the Long LARP Smallsword in your grasp, be you a knight or musketeer, bravely face the thrilling challenges that come your way.

Medieval Footman LARP Long Sword

Item # MCI-3274
The Medieval Footman LARP Long Sword fits well the grip of a 13th century infantry soldier. Hone your fighting skills and earn a name for yourself, whether you choose a high fantasy kingdom or a moment from history as your setting.