Hybrid LARP Weapons

Our hybrid LARP weapons at LARP Distribution combine a traditional foam and latex construction with an injection molded polyurethane hilt to create a durable and detailed weapon. This means the hilt is relatively maintenance free. The blade is safe for general LARP combat, being made of latex coated, closed cell foam around a sturdy fiberglass core. We have a variety of LARP swords and LARP weapons in this category to choose from in popular medieval and fantasy designs. We carry hybrid LARP swords here in many different styles, including long swords and short swords, Elven LARP swords, Roman swords, oriental swords, and medieval LARP swords.
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Carved Hilt Viking LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3207
Take charge of the battle with the might of the Carved Hilt Viking LARP Sword in your hands. This distinguished foam latex weapon is expertly crafted for a captivating and realistic appearance made safe for use in LARP events.

Samurai Legend LARP Katana

Item # MCI-3186
The blade of a Japanese sword must be sharp enough to slice effortlessly through a silk sheet. It moves gracefully with its wielder. The Samurai Legend LARP Katana is a suitable weapon for the ninja assassin or samurai warrior.

LARP Knightly Sword

Item # MCI-3187
The journey from lowly squire to honorable knight may be difficult, and at times painfully slow, but noble ambition urges you on. The LARP Knightly Sword serves you well, aiding the task of perfecting your natural fighting skills.

LARP Privateer Cutlass

Item # MCI-3188
A treasure quest leads to acts that border on piracy. Your ship enters waters under heavy patrol. The general that claims you as nemesis draws a fleet closer. The LARP Privateer Cutlass assists in what proves to be an epic clash.

Medieval Knight LARP Rapier Sword

Item # MCI-3189
Spies from a foreign kingdom kidnapped the heir to the throne. Our loyal knights must act quickly. Rescue the royal child. Capture the traitorous fiends. Make certain they meet the end of the Medieval Knight LARP Rapier Sword.

Elven Warrior LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3191
A supernatural cry of despair overwhelms your senses. Intruders ravage the woodland. The tribes must band together. The Elven Warrior LARP Sword moves gracefully with the guardian who vows to take vengeance for the forest realm.

LARP Trench Sword

Item # MCI-3192
Enemy soldiers mark the path between you and your captured comrades in arms. Only one weapon remains in your possession. Your fingers slide easily through the knuckledusters, reinforcing a steady grip on the LARP Trench Sword.

Musketeer LARP Small Sword

Item # MCI-3190
An assassin dares to take shelter within these castle walls. The royal guard must make haste. Let us reveal to this intruder the truth of our valiant repute. Take hold of the Musketeer LARP Small Sword and put an end to the fiend.

LARP Crusader Sword

Item # MCI-3243
Strike down a dragon and rescue those who are in distress as a knight of a high fantasy realm, or reclaim the Holy Lands as a warrior of the Crusades. The opportunities for the adventurer are limitless with the LARP Crusader Sword.

LARP Crusader Longsword

Item # MCI-3248
Never enter the lair of a dragon or battle a dark knight without the LARP Crusader Longsword at your side. This latex-hybrid weapon is perfect for roles that lead you to explore an enchanted realm as well as more historical settings.

Viridian LARP Dao

Item # MCI-3411
A blade once shattered can never be the same, but through the use of magic, it might become something stronger than it was. The Viridian LARP Dao has become something more, with vibrant emerald light holding its blade together!

Inferno Footman LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3324
Tap into something supernatural when you wield the Inferno Footman LARP Sword. Mystic energy seems to seep from the decorative cracks on this dark, double-sided blade. This fantasy LARP weapon is made of sturdy, shred resistant foam.