Hybrid LARP Weapons

Our hybrid LARP weapons at LARP Distribution combine a traditional foam and latex construction with an injection molded polyurethane hilt to create a durable and detailed weapon. This means the hilt is relatively maintenance free. The blade is safe for general LARP combat, being made of latex coated, closed cell foam around a sturdy fiberglass core. We have a variety of LARP swords and LARP weapons in this category to choose from in popular medieval and fantasy designs. We carry hybrid LARP swords here in many different styles, including long swords and short swords, Elven LARP swords, Roman swords, oriental swords, and medieval LARP swords.
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LARP Ranger Sword

Item # MCI-3244
Become the Elven guardian of the woodland, or lead fellow adventurers through a cursed forest in the guise of a huntsman. Whatever path you choose, the LARP Ranger Sword lends you strength when battling within an enchanted realm.

LARP Trench Knife Short Sword

Item # MCI-3242
The LARP Trench Knife Short Sword is a high fantasy take on the close combat weapon used by soldiers of the First World War. Overtake the enemy trench line, whether you battle within a medieval realm or a modern military setting.

LARP Small Sword

Item # MCI-3240
Be fully prepared for battle, whether you choose the role of medieval knight or 17th century musketeer. The LARP Small Sword serves as an excellent sidearm for the brave adventurer who journeys into both historical and fantasy realms.

Elven Warrior LARP Short Sword

Item # MCI-3241
A great evil overshadows the beautiful woodland entrusted to your care. Stave off the darkness and restore peace to the entire realm with the Elven Warrior LARP Short Sword. This trusty sidearm proves its worth during LARP warfare.

LARP Privateer Sabre

Item # MCI-3239
A thirst for adventure and riches leads you to explore the Seven Seas. With the LARP Privateer Sabre at your side, you heed the call of piracy. Raging tempests, sea beasts, and naval fleets will never dissuade your fearless soul.

Seafarer Short LARP Sabre

Item # MCI-3234
The only things guaranteed when sailing the Seven Seas are unforgettable adventures and epic battles. Adventurers who prefer the salty air of the ocean to that of an enchanted forest will put the Seafarer Short LARP Sabre to good use.

Wakizashi LARP Short Sword

Item # MCI-3235
A long journey from the East to West has led you to a grand castle. You wait patiently in the shadows for the perfect opportunity to strike. The Wakizashi LARP Short Sword aids you in exacting revenge on behalf of your fallen clan.

Carved Hilt Viking Short LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3236
Raid the English coast, and partake in the rich spoils discovered there, as a Norse warrior from the Viking Age. The Carved Hilt Viking Short LARP Sword is a trustworthy companion for said adventure, lending its strength in battle.

LARP Crusader Short Sword

Item # MCI-3276
If you are a medieval knight embarking on your most harrowing feat yet, take the LARP Crusader Short Sword in hand and prepare to battle for your life. This high quality LARP sword is made of closed cell foam with a fiberglass core.

Ready For Battle Errant LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3333
When embarking on your next knightly errand, have the right weapon at the ready when you carry the Ready for Battle Errant LARP Sword with Brown Grip. The noble style of this LARP blade is paired with a high quality construction.

RFB Basic Errant LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3283
When the battle is at its most brutal, trust in your blade. The Ready for Battle Basic Errant LARP Sword is modeled after medieval arming swords and blends historical and fantasy aesthetics for an undeniably knightly appearance.

Ready For Battle Defender LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3332
Uphold the honor of your kingdom when you lead the charge with the Ready for Battle Defender LARP Sword with Brown Grip. This latex foam sword is inspired by knightly styles of the medieval era, its guard arms creating a cross shape.