Offering a lighter option than our wholesale cloaks and medieval capes, the wholesale LARP hoods offered at LARP Distribution work well for warmth and disguises. With their shoulder mantles and deep hoods, these wholesale medieval hoods feature more coverage than other forms of medieval headwear, providing a serviceable option for keeping out of the wind. We carry designs that range from light cotton hoods to fur-trimmed hoods to lined hoods, ensuring that one will suit almost any medieval or Renaissance outfit. Our wholesale medieval outerwear allows customers to wear their favorite LARP ensembles all year round.
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Altair Cowl

Item # MCI-3279
With the Altair Cowl draped upon your shoulders and covering your head, you will easily blend into shadows, whether pursuing nefarious deeds, traversing the streets as a rogue on a mission, or simply taking a walk in cooler weather.

Archers Simple Hood

Item # MCI-2302
For the archer who wishes to blend into the forest, or the assassin who seeks anonymity in the crowd, the Archers Simple Hood protects your features from unwanted eyes as well as the elements, allowing you to focus on your target.

Childrens Goblin Ear Hood

Item # MCI-3162
You will wonder how a creature that is supposedly grotesque and evil can be so cute when your little LARPer wears the Childrens Goblin Hood. Many legends surround the mischievous being, now young role players can create their own.

Embroidered Hood with Fur

Item # MCI-2337
Your journey into the mortal realm leads to a northern kingdom where the chilling winds of winter never die. Protect your fair skin from the harsh elements, while concealing your Elven features with the Embroidered Hood With Fur.

Knights Medieval Hood

Item # MCI-2336
This hood has a very authentic look to it, making it great for archers or knights. The hood has a full mantel that covers the shoulders. Made of a felted wool blend and lined with cotton, this is a quality hood and is very comfortable to wear.