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Nothing transforms someone into their character quite like the perfect hat. For that reason, LARP Distribution carries a variety of wholesale medieval and Renaissance hats. From leather tricorns to top hats, we have historical headwear for a number of characters and settings. Our hats are versatile and easy to wear accessories that can inspire new looks or add the perfect touch to existing ensembles. Shop here for wholesale pirate hats, medieval hats, Renaissance caps, womens medieval headwear, and more, all well-suited for live action roleplay, historical reenactment, Renaissance fairs, and even theatrical productions.
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Baldur Medieval Cap

Peasant outfits are best complimented by unadorned pieces of apparel. Because of this, the Baldur Medieval Cap is perfect for any peasant costume you might make! It may not keep the sun out of your eyes, but your head will stay warm!

Jafar Turban

Your journeys to foreign and exotic lands have brought you both great fortune and immense wisdom, as the experience of learning from other warriors can only benefit you. Wear the Jafar Turban proudly as a sign of your learnings!

Leather Pirate Hat

There is no better way to finish off your pirate look than with a rakish hat like the Leather Pirate Hat! This high quality pirate headwear features excellent craftsmanship and an authentic appearance for taking to the high seas.

Leather Top Hat

Well-crafted and smart-looking, this excellent leather hat makes a striking addition to the outfit of any gentleman or lady. The Leather Top Hat is made from quality full-grain leather than has been vegetable tanned.

Leather Witch Hunter Hat

Crafted from full-grain leather that has been vegetable tanned, this wide brimmed hat makes a great addition to your look. The Leather Witch Hunter Hat goes well with period and fantasy costumes as well as modern attire.

Youth Medieval Sam Hat

If your child is interested in attending Ren Faires, LARPing, or participating in reenactments, then you want the most comfortable pieces of clothing for them. The Youth Medieval Sam Hat is perfect for young reenactors and LARPers!