Greaves & Leg Armour

Offering protection to the shins, knees, and calves, our wholesale steel leg armour at LARP Distribution comes in a range of styles suitable for medieval knights, fantasy LARP fighters, and other historical warriors. We carry a fine selection of wholesale steel greaves and other steel leg protection made mainly from 18 gauge steel. Many of these pieces display darkened metal or colored patinas that set each item apart. The designs of this wholesale leg armour go well with our other wholesale steel armour.

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Black Ice Steel Leg Armour

Item # MCI-2655
According to legend, the armour of the Rakh is fashioned from the Essence of Black Ice. Enter the realm of ConQuest with the Black Ice Steel Leg Armour protecting your thighs and knees, and join the battle against the Imperfect.

ConQuest Undead Full Steel Legs

Item # MCI-2646
Step into your next LARP battle with your lower limbs completely shielded by the ConQuest Undead Full Steel Legs. As part of the officially licensed Undead Flesh collection, this leg armour matches well with our Undead Tabbard.

Dark Drake Steel Greaves

Item # MCI-2602
Step confidently into battle with the Dark Drake Steel Greaves providing necessary protection to your lower legs. These shin guards feature a unique raised pattern and a dark metal finish, suitable for a battlemage or dark knight.

Dark Warrior Steel Greaves

Item # MCI-2601
Bring to life a character born of fantasy and myth, or recreate a medieval soldier from the pages of history. The Dark Warrior Steel Greaves not only guards your lower limbs during LARP, but also offers versatility for your role.

Enclosed Leg Protection

Item # MCI-2607
Rescuing damsels in distress and slaying evil dragons can often take the gleam out of armour. For the LARPer who seeks battle gear worthy of a knight in shining armour, the Enclosed Leg Protection is a great pair to add to your set.

Gothic Leg Armour

Item # MCI-2608
Never underestimate the importance of good leg protection. In the Gothic Leg Amour, you will not only find a strong defense for your lower limbs, but a historical style that is sure to capture the eye of both friend and foe.

Imperial Floating Knee - Epic Dark Finish

Item # MCI-3110
Make sure you are not brought to your knees in battle by adding this high quality knee protection to your gear! With a pair of the Imperial Floating Knee - Epic Dark Finish, you can protect a vulnerable and exposed body part.

Imperial Floating Knee - Steel Finish

Item # MCI-3109
Make sure you are not brought to your knees in battle by adding this high quality knee protection to your gear! With a pair of the Imperial Floating Knee - Steel Finish, you can effectively protect a vulnerable and exposed body part.

Kings Steel Greaves

Item # MCI-2605
Nothing knocks you off your feet like a swift kick to the shins. Make it harder for your opponent to do so with the Kings Steel Greaves. Handmade and welded for increased strength and durability, this set is perfect for LARP combat.

Ork Greaves - Rust Patina

Item # MCI-2603
These Ork Greaves are unique and like no other steel armour on the market. They are made from 18 gauge steel that has a Rust Patina finish. It looks like these greaves have come off the legs of an Ork from a fantasy world far away.
$39.00 $36.00

Persian Greaves - Epic Dark

Item # MCI-3358
Harkening back to the times of ancient Troy and the warriors that fought against heroes of legend, the Persian Greaves - Epic Dark are leg protection that emanates martial prowess. These steel greaves go with any warrior outfit!

Persian Steel Greaves

Item # MCI-3303
Everyone knows what happened to the great Achilles, he hurt his heel and paid the price for it, all because he was not wearing the Persian Steel Greaves! Learn from his mistakes and protect your weak heel from enemy attacks.