Adding authenticity to medieval, Renaissance, or fantasy armour, the wholesale steel gorgets and wholesale steel neck plates available from LARP Distribution come in a variety of styles that match with other pieces of our wholesale steel armour. We carry high-quality pieces suited for children and adults that display darkened metal, polished finishes, or texturing so each item has individuality. Made primarily from 18 gauge steel, many of our LARP gorgets and medieval neck plates have straps on each side as well as rings for connecting to our wholesale steel pauldrons.
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Childs Dark Warrior Gorget

When piecing together armour for a LARP character, whether young or old, the medieval fighter should never be without protection for the lower neck. The Childs Dark Warrior Gorget is a worthy choice for a young knight or battlemage.

Childs King Gorget

Consider the epic adventure and unforgettable memories that await the brave warrior who dons the Childs King Gorget. Perhaps the young role-player may choose to conquer another kingdom, or join the ranks of the Knights Templar.
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Childs Warrior Gorget

For the young knight who wishes to complete an epic journey, one certain to provide countless opportunities for battle as well as bumps and bruises, the Childs Warrior Gorget offers protection to the lower neck, throat, and thorax.

Dark Drake Gorget

Let all mighty warriors heed this advice, whether battlemage or knight. Be fully prepared for an epic battle between good and evil. It matters not which side you choose, the Dark Drake Gorget provides protection to your lower neck.

Dark Warrior Gorget

Take on the role of a fiendish knight or appear as a powerful battlemage at your next LARP event. The versatile design of the Dark Warrior Gorget allows you to customize your character, while protecting your lower neck and throat.

Epic Dark Imperial Bevor

Call for your squire, and prepare for battle. Bandits threaten the villagers. Duty calls you to rid the realm of this filth. Put on your suit of armour, including the Epic Dark Imperial Bevor as protection for your neck and chin.


King Gorget

Prosperity and peace mark the successful rule of your family line, but now a threat arises to destroy all for which your people have strived. Lead your knights to victory with the King Gorget safeguarding your neck and upper chest.

Steel Imperial Bevor

As everyone knows, the neck is an important part of the body to protect when you are going into battle! The Steel Imperial Bevor offers a great choice when you are deciding what armour to wear to guard your neck.


Warrior Gorget

Made of 18-gauge steel and decked with rolled edges and rivets, the Warrior Gorget is a great addition to your defense. Its traditional, simple design goes with a variety of looks and is fully compatible with other Epic Armoury pieces.