Game Props

At LARP Distribution, our wholesale LARP game props are items that add extra detail, authenticity, or fun to live action roleplay experiences. Here you will find everything from unconventional throwing weapons like rocks, mugs, and rolling pins made of latex-foam to LARP props like skeletons and skulls that add unique detail to the environment. Our wholesale game props are great additions to any LARP game, making this category the perfect place to search when looking for something to set your LARP gear or event setting apart.
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Druid LARP Wand - Brown

Item # MCI-3532
For those who work the old ways and connect with Gaia, a wand to focus your powers is necessary. Continue your craft with the brown Druid LARP Wand. Use it to cast spells at any LARP event, theater performance, or magical practice.

Druid LARP Wand - White

Item # MCI-3511
A druid connected with the earth requires a wand that is as equally connected. The Druid LARP Wand guides the caster through nature. Use this wand to cast spells at any LARP event, theatrical performance, or for magical practice.

Enchanter LARP Wand - Black

Item # MCI-3513
The Enchanter LARP Wand in black is a useful tool for casting the strongest and darkest of spells. Sorcerers of the shadows can wield this impressive and terrifying wand at a LARP event, fantasy convention, or magical gathering.

Enchanter LARP Wand - Brown

Item # MCI-3512
As a powerful sorcerer, cast your spells over a castle and its people. Use the Enchanter LARP Wand in brown to hex and bind those that oppose you. This magical accessory is ideal for cosplay or LARP events, and fantasy conventions.

Fafnir LARP Wand - Brown

Item # MCI-3515
Beware the power of greed and their curses, the brown Fafnir LARP Wand reminds the eager sorcerer. This dragon wand recalls the transformed dwarf of legend. Use it to cast your golden spells at LARP events and fantasy conventions.

Necromancer LARP Wand - Black

Item # MCI-3514
To commune with the spirits of the dead or to raise them from their graves, the Necromancer LARP Wand in black may be the magical tool you desire. Cast your deadly spells with this fantastic wand at a LARP event or fantasy convention.

Necromancer LARP Wand - White

Item # MCI-3533
As a dark wizard, you may require a wand that looks like the skeletons of the undead. Cast your dastardly spells with the white Necromancer LARP Wand. This wand is wonderful for any LARP event, theater production, or convention

Sendivogius LARP Wand - Black

Item # MCI-3516
The Sendivogius LARP Wand in black is an ideal tool for the alchemical wizard looking for a stylized conduit. Phoenixes were a symbol used in alchemical literature. Carry this phoenix wand to a LARP event or fantasy convention.