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At LARP Distribution, we carry a fine assortment of wholesale padded armour and wholesale gambesons to increase the comfort and protection of those wearing our wholesale steel armour or wholesale leather armour. Perfect for historical reenactors and LARPers, our wholesale medieval arming wear extends beyond gambesons to include things like padded bracers, padded arming caps, and padded greaves. Medieval LARP enthusiasts can help to prevent pinching and sliding with these excellent pieces of wholesale armour padding.
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Beige Arming Undercap

Item # MCI-3169
The Beige Arming Undercap is a small medieval hood that can be worn separately or as extra padding under a helmet or hat. The padded arming cap makes an excellent choice for LARP events and other historical re-enactments.

Imperial Gambeson

Item # MCI-3125
To achieve status as a legendary warrior, you need to be able to move comfortably in your medieval armour. The Imperial Gambeson covers your arms, neck, and torso down to the hips, keeping your armour from pinching or rubbing.

Padded Arm Bracers

Item # MCI-2325
These padded arm bracers are great to wear under steel or leather arm bracers. They will prevent any skin pinching and stop your bracers from sliding around. Made from padded, quilted black fabric and lace up in the back for closure.

Padded Arming Cap

Item # MCI-2324
Arming caps are a must if you are going to wearing a steel or leather helmet all day. Not only do they help by making it more comfortable, it will make the fit better and prevent the helmet from sliding around or rubbing your skin.

Padded Greaves

Item # MCI-2326
These padded greaves are great to wear under steel or leather greaves. They will prevent any skin pinching and stop your greaves from sliding around. Made from padded, quilted black fabric and lace up in the back for closure.

Pointed Brass Tip Tie Strings

Item # MCI-3505
The Pointed Brass Tip Tie Strings are must-haves in any medieval wardrobe. Use them to replace missing strings, add new aspects to your outfit, or change up your look. They are sold as a set of six and come in a variety of colors.

Ready For Battle Padded Mantle

Item # MCI-3124
Any squire will look like they have just stepped off the battlefield whenever they wear our medieval armour! The Ready for Battle Padded Mantle wraps the neck and shoulders for increased comfort and protection when worn alone or with armour.

RFB Padded Armour

Item # MCI-2358
Padded armor has been in use since the dawn of time. After all, extra padding can go a long way towards helping man survive almost any encounter. This RFB Padded Armour puts traditional padded armor in your hands to keep you safe.

RFB Padded Gambeson

Item # MCI-2327
This padded gambeson is perfect for LARP, so it is better for leather armour or light steel armour. The sleeves are a half sleeve length and the underarms are designed with holes which provide ease of movement and good ventilation.

Warriors Medieval Gambeson

Item # MCI-2328
Our Warriors Medieval Gambeson is such a versatile piece for your wardrobe. You can wear this gambeson under your leather or steel armour for comfort and fit or wear it as a jacket or doublet. It is perfect for winter or re-enacting.