Frogs & Holders

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Castagir Back Harness

Item # MY100579
Carry your sword - or swords! - on your back using the Castagir Back Harness. Handcrafted from high-quality leather, this unique sword carrying harness is intended to be worn with the Castagir Sword Frog, which is sold separately.

Castagir Sword Frog

Item # MY100581
Bring your favorite LARP sword with you wherever you wander when you equip the Castagir Sword Frog to your person. This handcrafted leather sword frog features an open holding style with wide scallops along the edges of its opening.

Doran Back Harness

Item # MY100727
The best way to store a sword is a way that lets you unsheathe and swing it at the same time. The Doran Back Harness allows you to do just that, guaranteeing that you will be prepared to fight even in the event of an ambush.

Doran Sword Frog

Item # MY100728
A sword makes a fantastic companion, and oftentimes, it becomes more to its wielder than just a means of self-defense. Treat your sword with the respect it deserves by hanging it at your hip from the stylish Doran Sword Frog.

Dragone Leather Holster

Item # MY100176
The pistol clicks, taking aim at the dashing image in the mirror. The antique look and feel of the reenactment piece adds flair to your costume. The Dragone Leather Holster safely secures the treasured find to your side.

Felawen Elven Long Sword Frog

Item # MY100273
The Felawen Elven Long Sword Frog is crafted from high-quality leather and open at the bottom, great for showing off your favorite LARP sword. This versatile frog can be worn on the back as well as left and right sides.

Galino Throwing Leather Dagger Holster

Item # MY100177
Whether you are a mercenary, rogue, or assassin, there can never be too many weapons on your person. Those daggers prove extremely useful at times. The Galino Throwing Leather Dagger Holster will keep a handy arsenal close.

Geralt Diagonal Sword Frog

Item # MY100351
Keep your favorite LARP weapon at your side with the stylish Geralt Diagonal Sword Frog. Made from thick, high-quality leather, this frog suspends weapons diagonally from a belt and is easily adjusted for different sized swords.

Lace-Up Cuff Black Sword Frog

Item # HW-700754
Whether you have armed yourself with a sword or a dagger, you want to be sure the blade is within reach during your hour of need. No matter which weapon you wield, keep it close to your side with the Lace-Up Cuff Black Sword Frog.

Leather Axe Frog - Black

Item # HW-700490
When preparing for your next Viking raid, be sure you are ready for anything and have your axe close at hand by wearing the Black Leather Axe Frog on your belt. Keep your axe secure at your hip with the convenient O-ring axe holder.

Leather Axe Frog - Brown

Item # HW-700491
A Viking warrior is never without their axe. A battle could erupt at any minute, after all, and it is unbecoming of a Viking to fall victim to an ambush. The Brown Leather Axe Frog will keep your trusty weapon by your side at all times.

Leather Axe Holder - Black

Item # HW-700462
Be sure you have your trusted battle axe at your side during your next Viking raid! The Black Leather Axe Holder is perfect for keeping an axe on your person for Renaissance fairs, reenactments, LARP events, costuming, and more.