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Foam Shields

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Berengar Quarterly Shield Cover

Item # MY100388
The Berengar Quarterly Shield Cover is specifically intended to fit the LARP Berengar Shield (MY100386). This sturdy cotton canvas shield cover features two contrasting colors divided into quadrants for an authentic medieval look.

Berengar Shield

Item # MY100386
Made from a thick uncoated weapon foam, the Berengar Shield is a LARP essential. The versatile rectangular design makes it excellent for blocking the attacks of opponents, and the corners of the shield are given a rounded look.

Berengar Shield Cover

Item # MY100387
Designed to perfectly fit the foam LARP Berengar Shield (MY100386), the Berengar Shield Cover is available in a multitude of bright medieval colors, ideal for easily adding style and distinction to the front of your shield.

Berengar Two Color Shield Cover

Item # MY100389
When it comes to distinguishing your LARP shield from the rest, try the Berengar Two Color Shield Cover. Made from cotton canvas, this medieval shield cover is colorful, sturdy, and easy to both attach and detach to your shield.

Felix Childrens Shield

Item # MY100380
Perfect for younger fans of the medieval ages wanting to join in the fun, the Felix Childrens Shield is sized just for youth. It is made of uncoated foam in a dark metal color, excellent for use in LARP and historical reenactment.

Felix Childrens Shield Cover

Item # MY100381
The Felix Childrens Shield Cover is made to fit the Felix Childrens Shield (MY100380) perfectly with a variety of color options and adds fun style to this foam LARP shield intended for the youngest fans of historical reenactment.

Richard Quarterly Shield Cover

Item # MY100342
The Richard Quarterly Shield Cover features two colors divided into quadrants at the center. Made of sturdy cotton, this shield cover is specifically intended to fit the foam LARP Richard Shield (MY100335), not included.

Richard Shield

Item # MY100335
The equipment of any medieval fighter is not complete without a trusted shield at the ready. Featuring a kite shape, the Richard Shield is made of thick weapon foam, and as such is suitable for LARP and light reenactment.

Richard Shield Cover

Item # MY100340
The Richard Shield Cover, made of sturdy cotton fabric, is a cover for the triangular foam LARP Richard Shield (MY100335). Available in a range of colors, use this convenient cover to quickly and easily customize your shield.

Richard Two Color Shield Cover

Item # MY100341
Add personal style to your shield with the Richard Two Color Shield Cover, specifically designed for the triangular foam Richard Shield (MY100335). Made out of sturdy cotton, this shield cover makes a great base for customization.

Rorrik LARP Buckler

Item # MY100718
As you step off your longboat and prepare to charge into battle, do not forget to grab your shield! The Rorrik LARP Buckler makes the perfect defense, successfully parrying blows while remaining small enough to stay out of your way.

Rorrik LARP Shield

Item # MY100719
For millennia, shields have been the defensive weapon of choice, deflecting a number of weapons from swords to arrows. Make sure that you do not charge into battle without one by equipping yourself with the Rorrik LARP Shield.