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Ethereal LARP Gear from Epic Armoury includes LARP weapons, clothing, armour, and accessories all made in an elven style. LARP Distribution offers this elven LARP gear for wholesale. Here you will find everything needed for creating the look of a fantasy elf for live action roleplay. We carry elven LARP swords, daggers, crossbows, and LARP elf archery accessories. Our elven LARP clothing, elven ear prosthetics, and elven LARP armour are all ideal for looking the part, and our elven leather bags and sword frogs are great additions to any LARP outfit, historical or fantasy. All of our Ethereal LARP weapons, clothing, armour, and accessories are made to a high standard of quality and are versatile pieces for a wide variety of fantasy LARP characters and settings.

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LARP Victory Sword Frog

Item # MCI-2197
This LARP Victory Sword Frog will securely hold your LARP sword, dagger, and even some axes at your waist, making drawing your weapon very convenient. The frog slides onto most belts and will hold a variety of weapons.

Long Elf LARP Axe

Item # MCI-3482
The Long Elf LARP Axe is a straightforward and effective LARP pole weapon with subtle elegance to its shape. The long axe head has a curve to its wide cutting edge. A soft and durable foam construction makes the blade safe for LARP.

Lorian LARP Glaive

Item # MCI-2882
Elves are known for their grace and skill, and it is that combination that makes this Lorian LARP Glaive so effective. It combines the length of a spear, the strength of a great sword, and the durability of a great LARP weapon.

Osage Orange Wood LARP Bow

Item # MCI-3320
Made of a wood traditionally used for bows, the Osage Orange Wood LARP Bow has a gorgeous finish to its wood grain, resulting in an authentic, historical look. In iconic longbow style, this bow is great for LARP, practice, and more.

Rangers Leather Quiver

Item # MCI-2204
This Hunters Leather Quiver is made of suede and features a contrasting color with a cutout sewn on top of the body. This back quiver has a harness system to keep it secure, which includes a strap to go around your upper chest and waist.

Red and White LARP Elven Shield

Item # MCI-3311
The Elves are going to war with the Dwarves, so you should grab your Red and White LARP Elven Shield and join in on the battle. The carnage that ensues from this conflict is sure to be remembered in songs for the rest of time!

RFB Braided Elven LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3321
Inspired by the most famously elegant of fantasy races, the RFB Braided Elven Sword adds a touch of finesse to LARP arsenals. The one-sided shape of its blade is matched with a grip that is textured and painted like braided brass.

RFB Elven Battle LARP Sword

Item # MCI-2006
Our LARP Elven Battle Sword is from our Ready for Battle line. The Ready for Battle line is a less costly line that is durable, but is not as detailed, making them very affordable and great for beginners or those on a small budget.

RFB Elven Braid LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3315
Everything that is created by the hands of Elves has a natural sense of beauty to it. They are master craftsmen, and swords like the Ready for Battle Elven Braid LARP Sword reflect their elegant and beautiful style of crafting.

Royal Elf LARP Sword - 100 cm

Item # MCI-3474
For the noblest of elven warriors, the forest offers up a weapon of intricate beauty and deadly might. The Royal Elf LARP sword is a hybrid LARP weapon with a soft, latex-coated foam blade and an ornate hilt made of polyurethane.

Royal Elf LARP Sword - 60 cm

Item # MCI-3473
The Royal Elf LARP Sword is befitting of an elven noble or prince. This hybrid LARP weapon has a latex foam blade and a polyurethane foam cast hilt, allowing for impressive detail and durability as well as a great level of safety.

Sendivogius LARP Wand - Black

Item # MCI-3516
The Sendivogius LARP Wand in black is an ideal tool for the alchemical wizard looking for a stylized conduit. Phoenixes were a symbol used in alchemical literature. Carry this phoenix wand to a LARP event or fantasy convention.