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Ethereal LARP Gear from Epic Armoury includes LARP weapons, clothing, armour, and accessories all made in an elven style. LARP Distribution offers this elven LARP gear for wholesale. Here you will find everything needed for creating the look of a fantasy elf for live action roleplay. We carry elven LARP swords, daggers, crossbows, and LARP elf archery accessories. Our elven LARP clothing, elven ear prosthetics, and elven LARP armour are all ideal for looking the part, and our elven leather bags and sword frogs are great additions to any LARP outfit, historical or fantasy. All of our Ethereal LARP weapons, clothing, armour, and accessories are made to a high standard of quality and are versatile pieces for a wide variety of fantasy LARP characters and settings.

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Elven Leather Pouch

Item # MCI-2190
While on an epic quest into a distant kingdom, there is no need to leave modern gadgetry behind. Keep those convenient items close, without alerting the residents of the fantasy realm to your foreign origin, with the Elven Leather Pouch.

Elven Warrior LARP Short Sword

Item # MCI-3241
A great evil overshadows the beautiful woodland entrusted to your care. Stave off the darkness and restore peace to the entire realm with the Elven Warrior LARP Short Sword. This trusty sidearm proves its worth during LARP warfare.

Elven Warrior LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3191
A supernatural cry of despair overwhelms your senses. Intruders ravage the woodland. The tribes must band together. The Elven Warrior LARP Sword moves gracefully with the guardian who vows to take vengeance for the forest realm.

Elven Warrior Long LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3216
Embody the ethereal grace and immortal charm of fantasys most elegant race when you wield the Elven Warrior Long LARP Sword. Expertly handcrafted for safety and ease of use, wield this sleek and swift blade at your next LARP event.

Epic Effect Buck Horns Prosthetic

Item # MCI-2284
You cannot always judge a book by its cover, and horns do not always mean that a creature is evil. This Epic Effect Buck Horns Prosthetic is a great pair of horns to use when you are looking to transform yourself into a horned being.

Epic Effect Elven Ears Prosthetic

Item # MCI-2277
Elves are known for several things, but nothing is more iconic than their pointy ears. Achieving pointed ears is no easy feat, though. At least, not unless you have this Epic Effect Elven Ears Prosthetic close at hand and ready for use.

Epic Effect Small Elven Ears Prosthetic

Item # MCI-2278
Not all elven ears have the same look and feel. These Epic Effect Small Elven Ears Prosthetics are a bit smaller than normal, making them perfect for the younger crowd, while their abnormal shape makes them quite distinctive.

Green Lorian Stone LARP Rock

Item # MCI-3069
Elves know the mystical properties of the Lorian Stone have a more immediate, practical use in battle aside from its use in magic. The Green Lorian Stone LARP Rock can be used as an excellent prop or weapon.

Ladies Raven Dress

Item # MCI-3369
Viking women are strong, just like their male counterparts. If you want to be strong like a Viking woman, you will need to dress the part and you can do that in the Ladies Raven Dress. It is perfect for home making and butt kicking!

LARP Elven Blade

Item # MCI-2033-1
Our fantasy styled LARP Elven Blade is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with latex. Safety is always an issue in LARP, which is why these have a flexible fiberglass core with strong Kevlar core tip protection.

LARP Elven Blade - 60cm

Item # MCI-2896
Elves are known for their grace, which encompasses not only their movement and clothing but also their weapons. Understated in its design, this LARP Elven Blade - 60cm is an elegant and easy choice when it comes to elven arms.

LARP Elven Blade - 85 cm

Item # MCI-2034-1
Our medium length fantasy styled LARP Elven Blade is made from extremely durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong coating of latex. It is a great all-around weapon that fits into a variety of fantasy styles.