Epic Effect Trophies

Epic Effect Trophies are available for wholesale at LARP Distribution. These wholesale latex LARP props and character accessories add a unique element to any LARP outfit. Great for horror LARP and fantasy LARP, these live action character props include many macabre items such as shrunken heads and ear trophy necklaces. Human trophies go well with barbarian LARP ensembles, while ears and heads from fantasy beings like elves, goblins, and orcs suit a wider range of fantasy LARP scenarios. Our wholesale LARP accessories can be worn or displayed, making them flexible pieces to offer to customers.
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Dark Elf Shrunken Head

Item # MCI-2985
For an eerie touch to your head-hunter look, nothing compares to having a shrunken head dangling at your side! This Dark Elf Shrunken Head recreates the look of this surreal trophy while echoing the features of a nefarious Drow!

Dark Elven Ear Trophy Necklace

Item # MCI-2986
There is no better way to reveal your pride and skill as a headhunter than to carry proof of your conquest wherever you go. For every kill you make, you can celebrate, and show it off, by wearing the Dark Elven Ear Trophy Necklace.

Dwarven Shrunken Head

Item # MCI-2981
Your mercenary skills have earned you renown throughout the land. Not only does your reputation lead others to cower in fear, the trophies that you dangle from your belt, such as the Dwarven Shrunken Head, serve a warning as well.

Elven Ear Trophy Necklace

Item # MCI-2987
The revenge you enacted on the neighboring tribe of wood elves fills your dark heart with pride. Celebrate this momentous event with the Elven Ear Trophy Necklace. Show it off while entertaining your fellow orcs with a grand tale.

Elven Shrunken Head

Item # MCI-2984
The high elf that challenged you was known for his legendary fighting skill, but you proved a worthy opponent. You may only be human, yet your blade felled him easily. Remind all of your victory with the Elven Shrunken Head.

Goblin Trophy Ear

Item # MCI-3133
Your foe did not stand a chance once you decided to face them on the battlefield! The Goblin Trophy Ear acts as a physical reminder of your victory taken from the fallen enemy - a warning to any who challenge your supremacy!

Goblinoid Shrunken Head

Item # MCI-2983
Your adventures have taken you many places, including dark, damp caves full of green beasties. One said creature gave you such an entertaining fight that you saved a souvenir. The Goblinoid Shrunken Head now serves as a good luck charm.

Halfling Ear Trophy Necklace

Item # MCI-2990
Your journey through the LARP kingdom has led to many battles with a vast array of odd creatures. The Halfling Ear Trophy Necklace serves a warning to any hobbit, who crosses your path, that you have no patience for thievery.

Human Ear Trophy Necklace

Item # MCI-2989
The knight knew what he was getting into when stepping into combat with you, so no remorse clouds your mind. Chuckling at how quickly you put the foolish human into his place, you add the Human Ear Trophy Necklace to your belt.

Human Forefinger Trophy

Item # MCI-3134
No one is safe from your fury in battle, not even frail mankind. The Human Forefinger Trophy shows your prowess with your weapons while also offering a cautionary note to others who would dare encroach upon your territory.

Human Shrunken Head

Item # MCI-2980
Everyone respects your skills as the local witch doctor. Most villagers seek your aid in curing ailments and driving away evil spirits. A few dared to double-cross you, but the Human Shrunken Head serves as evidence to their fate.

Human Thumb Trophy

Item # MCI-3135
This macabre amulet imitates the form of a human thumb with a realistic size, weight, and flexibility. The Human Thumb Trophy offers irrefutable proof of your skill in battle and a warning to any who might dare challenge you.