Epic Effect Prosthetics

The wholesale costume special effects carried by LARP Distribution include a number of high-quality wholesale costume prosthetics for transforming into a LARP character of choice. Our wholesale Halloween prosthetics include ears, noses, horns, and brows for elves, goblins, orcs, trolls, devils, and more. We also carry other items like blood capsules for adding realism to costumes, as well as all of the necessary adhesives and removers for wearing the prosthetics.
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Epic Effect Buck Horns Prosthetic

Item # MCI-2284
You cannot always judge a book by its cover, and horns do not always mean that a creature is evil. This Epic Effect Buck Horns Prosthetic is a great pair of horns to use when you are looking to transform yourself into a horned being.

Epic Effect Collodium

Item # MCI-3459
If your LARP character shows evidence of the battles fought through a scarred visage, then Epic Effect Collodium is perfect for creating that look. This special effects product contracts the skin while drying, creating a scar line.

Epic Effect Collodium Remover

Item # MCI-3460
Epic Effect Collodium Remover is specially formulated to make it easier to take off collodium scars. This makeup remover is an essential in any special effects makeup kit, especially if your character sports a scarred appearance.

Epic Effect Dark Elf Ears Prosthetic

Item # MCI-2280
If you are planning on transforming yourself into an elf of any kind, then you will want pointed ears. If you are planning on becoming a Drow, or a dark elf, this Epic Effect Dark Elf Ears Prosthetic will be right up your alley.

Epic Effect Devil Horns Prosthetic

Item # MCI-2283
A good set of horns can be the final detail that really enhances a demonic costume, or finishes the look of a mythological character. This Epic Effect Devil Horns Prosthetic is a truly fantastic pair, worthy of adding to any look.

Epic Effect Elven Ears Prosthetic

Item # MCI-2277
Elves are known for several things, but nothing is more iconic than their pointy ears. Achieving pointed ears is no easy feat, though. At least, not unless you have this Epic Effect Elven Ears Prosthetic close at hand and ready for use.

Epic Effect Goblin Nose Prosthetic

Item # MCI-2281
Goblins are typically vicious little creatures, best known for giving adventurers, and people, in general, a hard time. Thanks to this excellent looking Epic Effect Goblin Nose Prosthetic, you can be one of the green-skinned beasties.

Epic Effect Long Goblin Nose Prosthetic

Item # MCI-3448
A sufficiently long and pointy nose is key to any goblin themed makeup, so enhance your goblin themed LARPing outfit with the Epic Effect Long Goblin Nose Prosthetic! You may need it to properly look down your nose at humans!

Epic Effect Mastix Spirit Gum

Item # MCI-2273
Epic Effect Mastix Spirit Gum is the perfect complement to our prosthetics, whether they are latex appliances that go on the face, hands, or anywhere else. Spirit gum is also great for applying hair elements securely onto the skin.

Epic Effect Mastix Spirit Gum Remover

Item # MCI-2274
Spirit gum goes on quick and easy, but the strength of the adhesion makes it difficult to remove unless you have some of our Epic Effect Mastix Spirit Gum Remover handy. In that case, removing spirit gum is swift and simple.

Epic Effect Orc Ears Prosthetic

Item # MCI-2276
Elves are not the only ones who have pointed ears. Orcs have them too, although theirs are less graceful and more feral. Now, if you so desire, you can have the monstrous ears of an orc, thanks to this Epic Effect Orc Ears Prosthetic.

Epic Effect Orc Nose Prosthetic

Item # MCI-2282
Orcs might appear human, but it is the details that really set them apart. This means that while green or monstrously colored skin will go a long way, this Epic Effects Orc Nose Prosthetic will really help the transformation along.