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Epic Armoury

Foam & Latex LARP Weapons

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LARP Distribution offers many of the most popular types of wholesale foam and latex weapons, as well as the maintenance silicone recommended to extend the life of these pieces. Our wholesale LARP swords come in short, medium, long, and two-handed. In addition, we offer many LARP axes, LARP polearms, LARP maces, and LARP throwing weapons, as well as LARP archery bows and arrows and Ready for Battle items. Our Stronghold LARP weapons are made of a tough Epic Foam construction that does not contain latex, and our hybrid LARP weapons have injection molded hilts with latex blades. Our selection of wholesale roleplay weapons even extends to a variety of modern and post apocalypse-style LARP weapons in our Dark Moon Collection.

Leather Crafts

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As a wholesale distributor of leather role-play items, LARP Distribution carries a wide range of wholesale leather armour and wholesale leather products that make ideal pieces for LARPing and re-enactment scenarios. Our leather armour includes various items such as leather body armor, leather greaves, leather bracers, leather helmets, and more. Additionally, our wholesale leather accessories includes useful items for warriors like leather quivers, leather bags, leather belts, and leather frogs. With so many different leather products available, there is sure to be something of use for any kind of LARP character.

Metal Armour

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Browse through the wide selection of wholesale metal armour offered here at LARP Distribution to see the many excellent individual pieces and wholesale armour packages that we have available. We offer steel bracers, steel gauntlets, steel pauldrons, steel greaves, steel gorgets, steel helmets, steel breastplates, and more, made primarily from 18 gauge steel. In addition to our wholesale steel armour, we also offer helmet stands and armour stands for displaying pieces when they are not in use. The wholesale steel LARP armour that we offer makes an excellent alternative or complement to our wholesale leather armour.


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The wholesale LARP clothing offered here at LARP Distribution includes excellent pieces for men, women, and children, ranging from wholesale medieval apparel and character accessories to wholesale costume effects. We carry excellent base pieces for any LARP outfit like medieval pants, period tunics, and medieval cloaks and capes. Our inventory also includes great picks for LARP warriors such as tabbards, gambesons, and other armour padding. The selection of wholesale LARP apparel and wholesale costume accessories comes in a number of styles to suit many looks, such as fantasy, medieval, horror, and Renaissance.


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LARP warriors will find many unique pieces for their role-play scenario in the wholesale LARP accessories offered by LARP Distribution. LARP ensembles can receive a fantasy twist with the variety of shrunken heads and trophy necklaces featuring parts from beings like elves, dwarves, goblins, and orcs. Alternately, historical LARPers will appreciate more traditional wholesale LARP supplies like Roman camp items, leather diaries, and period locks and handcuffs. Regardless, these wholesale character accessories can help any LARP experience feel complete!

Epic Effect

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LARP Distribution offers wholesale Epic Effect items, including costume effects like latex masks, prosthetics, make-up, and other items that are perfect for LARP, especially horror and fantasy settings. We also carry the necessary glues and removers to use with our LARP cosmetics and prosthetics. These wholesale costume effects range from unique masks with the faces of monsters, Orcs, and zombies, to colorful fantasy makeup, and even to trophy masks that present a gruesome take on traditional fantasy.

The Epic Circle

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LARP Distribution offers The Epic Circle items from Epic Armoury for wholesale. The Epic Circle consists of eight different styles of LARP weapons, clothing, accessories, and props, each fitting into a different aesthetic, ranging from medieval and Renaissance in style to those with a more Elvish or dark fantasy vibe. Shopping by different Epic Circle universe makes it easy to find items that match within a certain aesthetic and find the LARP gear that best suits the needs and tastes of your customers. Universes of the Epic Circle include Sovereign, Defiant, Ethereal, Stygian, Ancestral, Ruinous, Stalwart, and Ancient.

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Caprine LARP Sword - 100 cm

Item # MCI-3518
For the explorers, rangers, and protectors of mountains, the Caprine LARP Sword is the best choice in personal defense against invaders and marauders. Draw this ram inspired sword at your next LARP battle or fantasy convention.

Caprine LARP Sword - 115 cm

Item # MCI-3519
A mountain climber may not know what is coming around the next peak and should carry personal protection. The Caprine LARP Sword is a great choice. Wear this hybrid foam longsword to your next LARP event or epic fantasy convention.

Draug LARP Sword - 85 cm

Item # MCI-3517
The armies of the undead require an equally frightening weapon. The Draug LARP Sword is ideal for guarding treasure or freshly dug graves. Use this double-edged, hybrid foam sword at your next LARP battle or fantasy convention.

Druid LARP Wand - White

Item # MCI-3511
A druid connected with the earth requires a wand that is as equally connected. The Druid LARP Wand guides the caster through nature. Use this wand to cast spells at any LARP event, theatrical performance, or for magical practice.

Enchanter LARP Wand - Black

Item # MCI-3513
The Enchanter LARP Wand in black is a useful tool for casting the strongest and darkest of spells. Sorcerers of the shadows can wield this impressive and terrifying wand at a LARP event, fantasy convention, or magical gathering.

Enchanter LARP Wand - Brown

Item # MCI-3512
As a powerful sorcerer, cast your spells over a castle and its people. Use the Enchanter LARP Wand in brown to hex and bind those that oppose you. This magical accessory is ideal for cosplay or LARP events, and fantasy conventions.

Fafnir LARP Wand - Brown

Item # MCI-3515
Beware the power of greed and their curses, the brown Fafnir LARP Wand reminds the eager sorcerer. This dragon wand recalls the transformed dwarf of legend. Use it to cast your golden spells at LARP events and fantasy conventions.

Leather Hellsing Coat

Item # MCI-3521
The hunters of vampires, werewolves, ghouls and more need the right attire for their hunts. The Leather Hellsing Coat is ideal for these adventures in the haunts of monsters. Wear this coat at LARP events and fantasy conventions.

Necromancer LARP Wand - Black

Item # MCI-3514
To commune with the spirits of the dead or to raise them from their graves, the Necromancer LARP Wand in black may be the magical tool you desire. Cast your deadly spells with this fantastic wand at a LARP event or fantasy convention.

Nightmare LARP Blade - 100 cm

Item # MCI-3520
The barbarians have arrived, and they are plundering with the Nightmare LARP Blade. They expertly wield this asymmetric longsword in the fiercest LARP battles and fantasy conventions. This foam blade features a hybrid construction.

Noble Leather Bevor

Item # MCI-3506
Alarms call you to battle and you must prepare yourself. Protect your chin and neck from the approaching enemy forces with the Noble Leather Bevor. This leather bevor is an ideal armour piece for a LARP event or fantasy convention.

Noble Leather Couters

Item # MCI-3508
Young paladins must ensure that they wear as much armour as possible. Wear the Noble Leather Couters on your elbows to ensure better arm protection. Do not fear enemy attacks during a LARP battle or during historical reenactments.