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LARP Distribution carries a number of wholesale medieval dresses and gowns. Great for live action roleplay, historical reenactment, or even Renaissance fairs, these dresses have been made in historical styles that fit right into medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy environments. Our medieval gowns are versatile and can work for peasant maidens or noblewomen, all depending on how they are styled. We offer Renaissance dresses fit for princesses and queens as well as country maiden dresses. Shop all our historical gowns and dresses here for versatile LARP clothing items that will find a home in any lady LARPers wardrobe.
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Childrens Freya Dress

Item # MCI-3375
LARPing events and Renaissance Faires can be incredibly fun ways to spend time with your family, and the more you dress up for it, the more fun it is! Increase your childs fun by dressing them in the Childrens Freya Dress!

Childrens Runa Overdress

Item # MCI-3377
If your wish is to add layers or a dash of color to your childs medieval outfit, then the Childrens Runa Overdress is the piece of clothing that you want! This two-tone dress is ideal for wearing over plain peasant clothing!

Freya Dress

Item # MCI-3376
Renaissance Faires are about more than just knights, minstrels, and swords, they are about experiencing a life of medieval fantasy! Dress up in the Freya Dress and go experience a world of medieval fantasy in true reenactment style.

Girls Medieval Dress

Item # MCI-3007
Whether the young maiden chooses to be dutiful and complete her daily chores, or join the other village children in frolicking through the fields, make sure her attire is suitable for the Middle Ages with the Girls Medieval Dress.

Heavy Cotton Peasant Dress

Item # MCI-3233
Timeless and reliable, the Heavy Cotton Peasant Dress is sure to become a trusted addition to your historic reenactment and LARP wardrobe. This ankle length sleeveless dress features a fitted and adjustable front lacing bodice.

Isobel Overdress

Item # MCI-3504
Inspired by noble medieval styles, the Isobel Overdress offers a regal and elegant look with versatility and ease. Made of soft and plush velveteen, this medieval overdress is perfect for layering over your favorite chemise.

Ladies Raven Dress

Item # MCI-3369
Viking women are strong, just like their male counterparts. If you want to be strong like a Viking woman, you will need to dress the part and you can do that in the Ladies Raven Dress. It is perfect for home making and butt kicking!

Priestess Dress

Item # MCI-2344
Our Priestess Dress is truly a universal piece. With a little imagination you can create many different looks with just this one garment. When you start to pair this dress with other items, that is when you start to create your own style.

Runa Overdress

Item # MCI-3378
If you find that your medieval reenactment wardrobe or your commoner LARP outfit is too bland, why not add some color to it? The Runa Overdress is the perfect way to add some much-needed coloration to your outfit in a pinch!

Simple Medieval Dress

Item # MCI-3306
Today is the day you visit the market, so you are going to want to dress comfortably! Thankfully, you own a Simple Medieval Dress, which is easy to put on and sits loosely on your body, allowing airflow and freedom of movement.

Womens Astrid Dress

Item # MCI-3371
The clothing you wear while participating in a LARPing event or medieval reenactment determines your social status within those events. From royal LARPers to peasants, the Womens Astrid Dress spans all classes with its versatility!