Doublets & Vests

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Dana Suede Vest

Item # MY100407
The soft brown suede of the Dana Suede Vest makes this piece a lovely addition to LARP and historical reenactment outfits. This versatile garment can be matched with a variety of looks and can be adjusted for a customizable fit.

Fletcher Canvas Vest

Item # MY100939
Any sailor on the high seas should try to look dapper. The Fletcher Canvas Vest is a great addition to any seafaring outfit or historical costume. Wear this premium canvas vest at a LARP event, reenactment, or fantasy convention.

Garen Long Sleeves

Item # MY100392
Add the Garen Long Sleeves to your historic outfits for added style and warmth. Made of high-quality suede, they can be fastened to other garments, such as the Garen Suede Vest (MY100145), via the eyelets at the top of the sleeve.

Garen Short Sleeves

Item # MY100393
For extra style, add the Garen Short Sleeves to your historical reenactment looks. These sleeves, sold in sets of two, particularly match the Garen Vest (MY100145). They can be attached via the eyelets at the top of the sleeve.

Garen Suede Vest

Item # MY100145
A fantastic addition to any period look, the Garen Suede Vest works well for the Renaissance fair and historical re-enactments. The leather vest includes eyelets beneath the shoulder cuffs for attaching sleeves if desired.

Orthello Suede Leather Vest

Item # MY100112
A versatile addition to your re-enactment apparel, the Orthello Suede Leather Vest provides incredible period style to any look. Available in black or brown, the sleeveless suede vest can be worn over a tunic or shirt.

Rafael Premium Canvas Doublet

Item # MY100467
The Rafael Premium Canvas Doublet takes inspiration from the Renaissance. Its style goes well with a variety of roles. Brass buttons and a fine fabric lend it a distinguished, rich air, perfect for an appearance before the royal court.

Vysera Cotton Long Vest

Item # MY100698
Add an extra layer of style to your medieval and fantasy fashions with the Vysera Cotton Long Vest. This vests stylishly wrapped structure is easy to drape and secure over dresses and skirts as well as adventurous tops and trousers.

Vysera Herringbone Long Vest

Item # MY100699
Wrap yourself in notable style when you wear the Vysera Herringbone Long Vest. Fit for a fine lady or well-to-do adventurer, this womens long vest is great for wearing as a top layer over almost any historical or fantasy outfit.