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Gerik Decorative Dagger

Item # MY100503
With the shine in its steel blade and the brass pins that decorate its wooden grip, the Gerik Decorative Dagger belongs in the hands of a distinguished knight or noble. Its age-old design marks it as a weapon fit for the Middle Ages.

Gudrik Seax Knife

Item # MY100943
Self-respecting Saxon warriors carried a seax sword. Remember this well-known Germanic weapon by wearing the Gudrik Seax Knife and its included leather sheath. This sheepsfoot blade is great for many outdoor situations and needs.

Havall Viking Seax

Item # MY100513
Blades much like the Havall Viking Seax served as a common sidearm to the Germanic and Anglo-Saxon tribes from the Migration Period to the Early Middle Ages. This decorative weapon adds authenticity to the role of Viking raider.

Havall Viking Seax Dagger

Item # MY100514
From the Migration Period to the Early Middle Ages, knives much like the Havall Viking Seax Dagger proved helpful in both survival and combat. From cutting ropes to chopping wood, this blade was intended to be a blade that saw daily use.

Holmstein Seax

Item # MY100952
The seax sword characterized the Saxons. The legacy of that weapon continues today in the Holmstein Seax, a knife carrying on that distinctive design. It is a great functional item and a wonderful display piece for any collection.

Sieghard Decorative Dagger

Item # MY100548
Regardless of role or social status within the medieval kingdom, you will certainly find a good use for the Sieghard Decorative Dagger. It lends authenticity to your look, be you a loyal knight, clever mercenary, or fearless rogue.